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The History of U.S. Presidents’ Foreign Policy from Truman to Obama

Drawing on memoirs, speeches, and declassified documents, Dr. Sestanovich’s current book, Maximalist, captures the fluctuation of American foreign policy, between maximalist overreaching and retrenchment. He explores the personalities and decisions that … Read more >

10 Billion: Demography and Global Challenges

Although global population growth rates are in decline the Earth’s population will continue to grow by almost 80 million annually due to population momentum. While population is already over … Read more >

Is Versailles 1919 Forever? The Geopolitics of the Modern Middle East

Marc Grossman has served as U.S. Ambassador to Turkey (1994-1997)  and as Assistant Secretary of  State for European Affairs (1997 – 2000). Ambassador Grossman served as the Under Secretary … Read more >

How China is Ruled

David M. Lampton is Hyman Professor and Director of China Studies at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, where he also heads SAIS China, the school’s overall … Read more >

The New Geopolitics of Food

Lester R. Brown started his career as a farmer, growing tomatoes in southern New Jersey with his younger brother during high school and college.  Shortly after earning a degree … Read more >