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Summer Forum: August 6, 2014 – Carlton Dallas

Culture, Class and Customs

Summer Forum: July 16, 2014 – Eric Esquivel

Know Your Neighbor, the New Face of America

Welcome to Our 2014-2015 WACHH Programming Season – President Blaine Lotz

As we close the summer with our eighth annual Summer Forum,  I want to thank Hank Noble and Bill Lloyd for designing an inspiring series of three programs during … Read more >

Magnificent Delusions: United States, Pakistan and an Epic History of Misunderstanding

Pakistan and the United States have been allies since Pakistan’s birth in 1947 but their relationship has never been friction free. Mistrust and cross-purposes have characterized this relationship. In … Read more >

U.S. National and Foreign Policy

Jane Harman resigned from Congress February 28, 2011 to join the Woodrow Wilson Center as its first female Director, President and CEO. Representing the aerospace center of California during … Read more >