2017 Great Decisions Discussion Program

2017 Great Decisions Discussion GroupsRegistration for the 2017 Great Decisions Discussion Program will begin in early November 2016. WACHH members will receive an email regarding registration dates, times, and locations. WACHH members had the opportunity to purchase the 2017 Briefing Book upon payment of membership for 2016-2017. WACHH members will receive another opportunity to purchase the Briefing Book upon registration for the 2017 program. Briefing Books will be distributed in early January 2017. Participants may also purchase electronic copies of the Briefing Book and DVD’s at the Foreign Policy Association website.

Registration for the 2017 Great Decisions Discussion Program for WACHH members is now available. 

Contact Executive Director Maureen Korzik for registration options.

The topics for 2017 include:

  • EU
  • Trade
  • China
  • Gulf Cooperation Council / Saudi Arabia
  • Geopolitics of energy
  • Latin America
  • Afghanistan / Pakistan
  • Nuclear Security