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Weekly Quiz Answers – September 12-18, 2022

12 Sep 2022 8:03 PM | Anonymous

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1. Queen Elizabeth who died last week at age 96 was the head of state for 15 “realms” of THIS group of sovereign nations, which includes a total of 56 countries.

A. Commonwealth of Independent States
B. United Kingdom 
C. British Empire
D. Commonwealth of Nations

Correct Response: D. Commonwealth of Nations

2. King Charles III relinquished THIS title he held for 56 years to his son, Prince William, as immediate heir to the British throne.

A. Duke of Cornwall and Prince of Wales
B. Duke of Earl and Prince of Wales
C. Duke of Cornwall and Prince of York
D. Duke of York and Prince of Cambridge

Correct Response: A. Duke of Cornwall and Prince of Wales

3. Ukrainian military forces have broken through Russian positions in THIS region following success in pushing back the invading army around Kherson in the south.

A. Crimea and the south
B. Zaporizhzhia and the north
C. Kharkiv and the east
D. Odessa and the west

Correct Response: C. Kharkiv and the east

4. Tech firms that receive federal funding as part of THIS new act will not be able to build “advanced technology” facilities or factories for ten years in China as Washington worries about Beijing’s pirating of semiconductor technology. 

A. 2022 Semi Conductor Protection Act 
B. CHIPS and Science Act 
C. China Piracy Prevention Act
D. Indo-Pacific Tech Protection Act

Correct Response: B. CHIPS and Science Act

5. President Jair Bolsonaro trails in polls against former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva ahead of the October 2nd for President of THIS country. Bolsonaro is worrying observers that he would invite the army to become involved should be lose the vote.

A. Venezuela
B. Brazil  
C. Argentina
D. Ecuador

Correct Response: B. Brazil

6. The first days of THIS new British Prime Minister’s days in office were overshadowed by the passing of Queen Elizabeth but she has busily set about attacking the country’s economic challenges. Among first steps she moved to freeze energy prices with a $151 billion plan.

A. Madelyn Robinson
B. Katty Kay 
C. Emma Watson
D. Liz Truss

Correct Response: D. Liz Truss

7. Chinese President Xi Jinping’s Covid-19 policy, known by THIS name, has been marked by lockdowns, quarantines and mass vaccinations and is a major drag on business and citizens’ access to food and medical care.

A. Jab and Test
B. Zero Covid  
C. ArCov
D. Leap Forward

Correct Response: B. Zero Covid

8. Germany issued an official apology for security lapses and Israel’s President Isaac Herzog addressed the German Budestag to mark the anniversary of the Olympic Games in THIS city where 11 Israeli athletes were murdered by Palestinian terrorists 50 years ago.

A. Munich
B. Berlin 
C. Bonn
D. Hamburg

Correct Response: A. Munich

9. Chinese leader Xi Jinping is set to leave his country for the first time since the Covid pandemic began to meet THIS leader. The trip signals Xi Jinping’s confidence in his grip on power and global leadership role one month before he is set to extend his rule at a congress of the Communist Party.

A. Joe Biden
B. Vladimir Putin  
C. Kim Jong Un
D. Liz Truss

Correct Response: B. Vladimir Putin

10. An Iranian spokesperson said the country had developed advanced long-range suicide drones capable of attacking THIS country, its long-time nemesis.

A. Iraq
B. Saudi Arabia
C. United Kingdom
D. Israel

Correct Response: D. Israel


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