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Weekly Quiz Answers– Oct 17-23, 2022

18 Oct 2022 8:24 AM | Anonymous

1. The Communist Party of China convened THIS once-every-five-years meeting Sunday and is expected to give President Xi Jinping a norm-breaking third term.

A. National Party Congress
B. Politburo Standing Committee   
C. Central Committee of the CCP
D. General Assembly

Correct Response: A. National Party Congress

2. Russia has launched a new campaign of air strikes against Ukraine featuring guided drones provided by THIS country.

A. China
B. North Korea  
C. Iran
D. Belarus

Correct Response: C. Iran

3. In a United Nations General Assembly vote Russia was condemned, 143-5, over THIS action.

A. Blockading grain exports from Ukraine
B. Annexing four regions of eastern and southern Ukraine  
C. Launching missile and drone strikes across Ukraine
D. Abducting Ukrainian children and putting them up for adoption in Russia

Correct Response: B. Annexing four regions of eastern and southern Ukraine

4. Liz Truss has stumbled early as British Prime Minister but the replacement of Kwasi Kwarteng by Jeremy Hunt in THIS senior position is aimed at reassuring markets and steadying the Truss government.

A. Finance Minister
B. Chancellor of the Exchequer  
C. Minister of the Bank of England
D. Chief of the Finance Committee

Correct Response: B. Chancellor of the Exchequer

5. The de-facto leader of the Opec oil cartel backed production cuts which will boost global energy costs, a move interpreted as a political strike at the Biden Administration. THIS country’s foreign ministry pushed back saying the move was based purely on economic need.

A. Russia
C. Iraq
D. Saudi Arabia

Correct Response: D. Saudi Arabia

6. European Union expansion has been called for by THIS German Chancellor who told a conference, “An EU with 27, 30, 36 states, with then more than 500 million free and equal citizens, can bring its weight to bear even more strongly in the world."

A. Christian Lindner
B. Olaf Scholz  
C. Robert Habeck 
D. Annalena Baerbock

Correct Response: B. Olaf Scholz

7. China’s response to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has been lockdowns, quarantining and border controls in cities and regions when there are virus outbreaks. The measures, called THIS, has strangled the economy and made normal life more difficult.

A. Xi’s Decree
B. Zero-Covid  
C. People’s Lockdown
D. Wuhan Resistance

Correct Response: B. Zero-Covid

8. The nation hosting the World Cup, starting next month, announced media restrictions on where news crews may film while in THIS nation. The move, according to “The Guardian” appears aimed at making difficult interviews about mistreatment of migrant or subjects like LGBTQ+ rights.

A. Malaysia
B. Qatar  
C. Yemen
D. Pakistan

Correct Response: B. Qatar

9. In his address to the CCP National Party Congress President Xi Jinping said he would “never promise to renounce the use of force” regarding THIS, and the “complete reunification of our country must and will be realized,” which was met with sustained applause.

A. Mongolia
B. Tibet  
C. Taiwan
D. South China Sea

Correct Response: C. Taiwan

10. The seven-members of THIS group, the world’s biggest boy band, will enter South Korean military service. The K-Pop band had been allowed to defer service until the age of 30. 

B. BlackPink 
C. Seventeen

Correct Response: D. BTS

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