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Weekly Quiz Answers - November 14-20, 2022

14 Nov 2022 8:22 AM | Anonymous

1. Ukrainian forces moved into THIS strategic southeast city after Russian fighters retreated across the Dnieper River last week, leaving a potential humanitarian disaster and amid stories of war crimes committed by the occupiers.

A. Odessa

B. Kherson

C. Kharkiv

D. Kyiv 

Correct Response: B. Kherson


2. Prices in THIS industry crashed last week as FTX, one of the largest exchanges, filed for bankruptcy after failing in merger talks with Binance. 

A. Computer chips

B. Wheat futures  

C. Crypto

D. Hydrogen fuel cells

Correct Response: C. Crypto


3. President Biden pledged American leadership in the climate change fight when he visited the United Nations COP27 meeting in THIS country.

A. Indonesia

B. Egypt 

C. Saudi Arabia

D. Cambodia

Correct Response: B. Egypt


4. China eased some of its pandemic measures, resulting in positive response from markets and investors, but the crushing lockdowns of THIS policy backed by President Xi Jinping remain in place.

A. The Great Lockdown

B. Wuhan Protocols  

C. Contact Tracing

D. Zero-Covid

Correct Response: D. Zero-Covid


5. President Vladimir Putin will not attend THIS gathering of world leaders in Bali, Indonesia. Some heads of state had threatened to skip the event if Putin was to appear even though Russia is a member.

A. G-8



D. G-20

Correct Response: D. G-20


6. Six people died and 81 were injured in an explosion in a busy section of Istanbul, in what THIS Turkish President said smelled “like terrorism.”

A. Tayyip Erdogan

B. Ali Babacan

C. Faik Ahmet Barutçu

D. Deniz Baykal

Correct Response: A. Tayyip Erdogan


7. As Qatar makes final preparations for this month’s World Cup of football Sepp Blatter, the former president of THIS sporting federation said selecting the Persian Gulf nation was a mistake, that was influenced by French President Sarkozy.

A. CONCACAF                                                 




Correct Response: C. FIFA


8. Fresh from a successful Communist Party Congress where he solidified his grip on power with a landmark third term, THIS president of China is set for the first in-person meeting as leader with U.S. President Joe Biden. However, expectations were low for progress on the numerous global challenges they face.

A. Hu Jintao 

B. Xi Jinping

C. Jiang Zemin

D. Guo Boxiong

Correct Response: B. Xi Jinping


9. Rishi Sunak, the new prime minister of THIS country, will represent his nation at the Group of Twenty summit in Bali, where he will meet with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov. 

A. India

B. United Kingdom 

C. Bangladesh

D. Pakistan 

Correct Response: B. United Kingdom


10. China has violated Japan’s sovereignty in the East China Sea and “continues to take actions that heighten regional tension in the South China Sea," according to THIS prime minister of Japan at the East Asian Summit in Cambodia.

A. Yoshihide Suga

B. Fumio Kishida

C. Koji Tomita

D. Asahi Kentaro

Correct Response: B. Fumio Kishida

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