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Weekly Quiz Answers - February 13-19, 2023

13 Feb 2023 10:56 PM | Anonymous

1. The UN expected the earthquake death toll to double from the confirmed number of 33,000, as rescue efforts continue to fall short. The massive temblors struck adjoining areas of THESE countries.

A. Iraq and Iran 

B. Lebanon and Jordan   

C. Syria and Turkey

D. Egypt and Libya

Correct Response: C. Syria and Turkey


2. In the wake of the downing of a Chinese intelligence collection balloon off the coast of South Carolina the U.S. military shot down three more unidentified objects aloft – over Alaska, northern Canada and Lake Huron. THIS organization was involved in coordinating some of these operations.


B. APEC    



Correct Response: D. NORAD



3. Former astronaut Scott Kelly called on Elon Musk to restore THIS communications capability to the Ukrainian military, “Defense from a genocidal invasion is not an offensive capability. It’s survival. Innocent lives will be lost. You can help. Thank you."

A. Starlink

B. Meta  

C. Iridium

D. SpaceX

Correct Response: A. Starlink


4. Manila accused China of directing a “military-grade laser” at a Philippine coast guard vessel to prevent resupply of troops based at a shoal in THIS contentious body of water.

A. Philippine Sea

B. Strait of Malacca  

C. East China Sea

D. South China Sea

Correct Response: D. South China Sea


5. On a surprise visit to THIS country on February 8th, President Vladimir Zelensky presented the House of Commons Speaker a Ukrainian fighter pilot’s helmet inscribed, “We have freedom. Give us wings to protect it,” pressing his campaign for Western combat aircraft.

A. France

B. Germany 

C. Britain

D. Sweden 

Correct Response: C. Britain


6. Access to the beleaguered earthquake region in northwest Syria is hampered by the Arab Spring spawned civil war being fought by THIS Syrian leader.

A. Hafez al-Assad

B. Mahmoud al-Ayyubi  

C. Bashar al-Assad

D. Michel Aoun

Correct Response: C. Bashar al-Assad


7. It will change our world, so said Bill Gates about THIS AI bot he touted as being as significant as the invention of the Internet.

A. ChatGPT


C. Forethought

D. mirrAR

Correct Response: A. ChatGPT


8. The government of THIS Central American nation released 222 of the 245 prisoners it was holding over criticism of President Daniel Ortega who has held power in Managua since 2007. The released opposition prisoners were departed to the United States.

A. Guatemala

B. Venezuela

C. Cuba

D. Nicaragua

Correct Response: D. Nicaragua


9. The White House said THIS claim by China was “not true.”

A. The U.S. has flown balloons in its airspace ten times in the last year.

B. American submarines penetrated inside Chinese territorial waters.  

C. American spy planes breached Chinese airspace.

D. U.S. special forces performed reconnaissance on South China Sea facilities.

Correct Response: A. The U.S. has flown balloons in its airspace ten times in the last year.


10. The President of THIS country is looking for the right moment to revoke the Legion d’Honneur, awarded in 2006 by former President Jacques Chirac to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

A. Belgium

B. Germany  

C. France

D. Netherlands 

Correct Response: C. France

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