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Weekly Quiz Answers

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  • 21 Nov 2022 8:49 AM | Anonymous

    1. President Biden said, "We were very blunt with one another,” in characterizing his meeting with China’s President Xi Jinping on the sidelines of the G-20 summit in THIS city.

    A. Rome, Italy

    B. Beijing, China   

    C. Manchester, UK

    D. Bali, Indonesia

    Correct Response: D. Bali, Indonesia


    2. The CIA Director met with his Russian counterpart in Ankara to convey “a message on the consequences of the use of nuclear weapons by Russia, and the risks of escalation to strategic stability.” The Director of the Central Intelligence Agency is THIS former top level American diplomat. 

    A. Avril Haines

    B. Gina Haspel

    C. William Burns

    D. Pete Buttigieg

    Correct Response: C. William Burns


    3. It took over 30 years of struggle for THIS consideration to be approved by the global community fighting climate change. The COP 27 UN Summit in Egypt incorporated it in their final report but did not address drastic global warming reductions.

    A. A total ban on new construction of coal-fired power plants by the year 2025

    B. A global commitment to conversion of commercial motor vehicle to EV models by 2030

    C. Sanctions by international investment institutions for nations not meeting their Paris Accord carbon reduction goals

    D. Wealthy nations provide for “loss and damage” by climate change to poorer nations

    Correct Response: D. Wealthy nations provide for “loss and damage” by climate change to poorer nations


    4. Swedish investigators concluded the explosions that damaged the Nord Stream pipelines in September were “gross sabotage.” The Nord Stream pipelines carry gas from Vyborg, Russia to Lubmin near Greifswald, Germany across THIS body of water.

    A. Barents Sea 

    B. Black Sea  

    C. Baltic Sea

    D. Gulf of Bothnia

    Correct Response: C. Baltic Sea


    5. Saudi Crosn Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who was said to be responsible by the CIA for the murder of THIS Washington Post journalist, is immune from prosecution according to international law as “sitting head of government.” That was the legal opinion of the U.S. Justice Department, which said it, “reiterates its unequivocal condemnation of the heinous murder.”

    A. Salman Rushdie

    B. Jamal Khashoggi

    C. Khalid Agha

    D. Hussein Abu Ali

    Correct Response: B. Jamal Khashoggi


    6. A court in the Netherlands convicted, in absentia, two Russians and one Ukrainian separatist, and charged Moscow responsible, in THIS 2014 international crime.

    A. Sabotage at the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant in Urkaine

    B. Assassination of the Provincial President of Luhansk in eastern Urkaine

    C. Targeting Ukrainian soldiers fighting against Donbas separatists

    D. Shoot down of a Malaysian Air Lines jet enroute from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur

    Correct Response: D. Shoot down of a Malaysian Air Lines jet enroute from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur


    7. The FIFA World Cup has opened in Qatar, the first Middle East venue for the tournament. The games are being played in THIS capital city and stadiums around the country.

    A. Doha

    B. Manama  

    C. Muscat

    D. Dubai

    Correct Response: A. Doha


    8. A missile struck a village in THIS NATO nation initially causing high anxiety among Western leaders who were concerned it was a Russian attack. Investigators concluded it was a Ukrainian air defense missile that had been fired to defend against Russian missiles.

    A. Latvia

    B. Bulgaria  

    C. Poland

    D. Belarus

    Correct Response: C. Poland


    9. The FBI is reported to be opening an investigation into the shooting death of noted journalist and U.S. citizen Shireen Abu Aqla. The Defense Minister of THIS nation, whose troops fired the fatal shot according to a UN investigation, said his country would not cooperate with the American investigation.

    A. Iraq

    B. Syria  

    C. Lebanon

    D. Israel

    Correct Response: D. Israel


    10. Britain and France revised a deal to slow migrant flows across THIS body of water with the UK paying Paris an additional £8m ($9.5m), a total of £63m a year for surveillance and law enforcement. More than 40,000 migrants have crossed in small boats so far this year according to the BBC.

    A. Irish Sea

    B. Bay of Biscay  

    C. English Channel

    D. North Sea

    Correct Response: C. English Channel

  • 14 Nov 2022 8:22 AM | Anonymous

    1. Ukrainian forces moved into THIS strategic southeast city after Russian fighters retreated across the Dnieper River last week, leaving a potential humanitarian disaster and amid stories of war crimes committed by the occupiers.

    A. Odessa

    B. Kherson

    C. Kharkiv

    D. Kyiv 

    Correct Response: B. Kherson


    2. Prices in THIS industry crashed last week as FTX, one of the largest exchanges, filed for bankruptcy after failing in merger talks with Binance. 

    A. Computer chips

    B. Wheat futures  

    C. Crypto

    D. Hydrogen fuel cells

    Correct Response: C. Crypto


    3. President Biden pledged American leadership in the climate change fight when he visited the United Nations COP27 meeting in THIS country.

    A. Indonesia

    B. Egypt 

    C. Saudi Arabia

    D. Cambodia

    Correct Response: B. Egypt


    4. China eased some of its pandemic measures, resulting in positive response from markets and investors, but the crushing lockdowns of THIS policy backed by President Xi Jinping remain in place.

    A. The Great Lockdown

    B. Wuhan Protocols  

    C. Contact Tracing

    D. Zero-Covid

    Correct Response: D. Zero-Covid


    5. President Vladimir Putin will not attend THIS gathering of world leaders in Bali, Indonesia. Some heads of state had threatened to skip the event if Putin was to appear even though Russia is a member.

    A. G-8

    B. ASEAN  

    C. APEC

    D. G-20

    Correct Response: D. G-20


    6. Six people died and 81 were injured in an explosion in a busy section of Istanbul, in what THIS Turkish President said smelled “like terrorism.”

    A. Tayyip Erdogan

    B. Ali Babacan

    C. Faik Ahmet Barutçu

    D. Deniz Baykal

    Correct Response: A. Tayyip Erdogan


    7. As Qatar makes final preparations for this month’s World Cup of football Sepp Blatter, the former president of THIS sporting federation said selecting the Persian Gulf nation was a mistake, that was influenced by French President Sarkozy.

    A. CONCACAF                                                 

    B. UEFA  

    C. FIFA

    D. CAF 

    Correct Response: C. FIFA


    8. Fresh from a successful Communist Party Congress where he solidified his grip on power with a landmark third term, THIS president of China is set for the first in-person meeting as leader with U.S. President Joe Biden. However, expectations were low for progress on the numerous global challenges they face.

    A. Hu Jintao 

    B. Xi Jinping

    C. Jiang Zemin

    D. Guo Boxiong

    Correct Response: B. Xi Jinping


    9. Rishi Sunak, the new prime minister of THIS country, will represent his nation at the Group of Twenty summit in Bali, where he will meet with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov. 

    A. India

    B. United Kingdom 

    C. Bangladesh

    D. Pakistan 

    Correct Response: B. United Kingdom


    10. China has violated Japan’s sovereignty in the East China Sea and “continues to take actions that heighten regional tension in the South China Sea," according to THIS prime minister of Japan at the East Asian Summit in Cambodia.

    A. Yoshihide Suga

    B. Fumio Kishida

    C. Koji Tomita

    D. Asahi Kentaro

    Correct Response: B. Fumio Kishida

  • 07 Nov 2022 11:28 PM | Anonymous

    1. Russian forces are rallying to reverse strategic setbacks against Ukrainian forces in the eastern region with advances in Donetsk at Bakhmut. The counter attack is led by THIS militia group headed by Yevgeny Prigozhin with a record of fighting for Moscow in Syria, Libya and the Sahel region of Africa.

    A. Moscow Legion 

    B. Red Expeditionary Force

    C. Homeland Victory Militia

    D. Wagner Group

    Correct Response: D. Wagner Group

    2. Famine is again gripping THIS east African nation but the government in Mogadishu has been slow to make an official declaration, unlocking international aid, to avoid giving a strategic advantage to the insurgent Al Shabab group.

    A. Djibouti

    B. Sudan  

    C. Somalia

    D. Kenya

    Correct Response: C. Somalia

    3. Some fans of World Cup participants have been offered free trips to THIS tournament host nation in exchange for endorsements, agreements to withhold criticism and reporting of others who are critical of the hosts humanitarian issues.

    A. Brazil

    B. Indonesia  

    C. Qatar

    D. Spain

    Correct Response: C. Qatar

    4. Israelis voted to return THIS former Prime Minister to power along with what critics fear will be a far-right ruling coalition. 

    A. Netanyahu

    B. Herzog  

    C. Lapid

    D. Ben-Ami

    Correct Response: A. Netanyahu 

    5. World leaders meeting in Egypt for the 2022 Conference of the Parties, known by THIS short title, are taking up the issue of compensation for developing nations harmed by generations of carbon producing industries in wealthy nations.

    A. Paris 16

    B. COP 27  

    C. UNCAC

    D. Climate SOS

    Correct Response: B. COP 27

    6. Imran Khan, former prime minister of THIS country who has been challenging the government to restore his office, was shot in the leg in an assassination attempt while on a campaign parade.

    A. Malaysia

    B. Pakistan  

    C. Bangladesh

    D. Afghanistan

    Correct Response: B. Pakistan

    7. South Korea and the United States extended military drills in the wake of THIS provocative action by North Korea.

    A. Landing special forces by mini-sub to infiltrate a South Korean naval base

    B. Firing over two dozen missiles in simulated attacks on the South and the U.S.  

    C. Seizure of South Korean fishing boats in the Yellow Sea

    D. Test firing a nuclear weapon 

    Correct Response: B. Firing over two dozen missiles in simulated attacks on the South and the U.S.

    8. The election victory of Lula da Silva has yet to be acknowledged by THIS incumbent President of Brazil, but his office said he would follow the transition of power.

    A. Nicolas Maduro

    B. Alberto Fernandez  

    C. Pedro Castillo

    D. Jair Bolsonaro

    Correct Response: D. Jair Bolsonaro

    9. China’s trade lost ground in October, the first downturn for imports and exports since May 2020, as a result of global recession and THIS domestic policy. 

    A. One child policy 

    B. Zero Covid

    C. Repression of Uighurs in Xinjiang

    D. Fears of a Taiwan invasion

    Correct Response: B. Zero Covid

    10. Ukraine President Zelensky charged THIS country with support to Moscow’s invasion by supplying drones, missiles and other weapons, including “kamikaze” drones currently targeting Ukrainian energy infrastructure. 

    A. China

    B. Iran  

    C. North Korea

    D. Pakistan

    Correct Response: B. Iran

  • 31 Oct 2022 8:25 AM | Anonymous

    1. The incumbent in the runoff election for President of Brazil, right-wing Jair Bolsonaro, was defeated by THIS leftist, former president, after a contentious divisive campaign that many on each side saw as an existential threat to the country.

    A. Dilma Rousseff

    B. Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva

    C. Michel Temer

    D. Nicolas Maduro

    Correct Response: B. Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva


    2. As Ukrainian forces continue to advance on Kherson, Russia is evacuating the city seen as gateway to THIS region of the country annexed by Moscow in 2014.

    A. Crimea

    B. Odessa  

    C. Georgia

    D. Donbas

    Correct Response: A. Crimea


    3. Two Chinese intelligence officers were charged in the United States with interfering in the prosecution of THIS Chinese telecommunications company. They are charged with attempting to recruit a law enforcement official who turned out to be a double agent.

    A. Baidoo 

    B. Huawei 

    C. Alibaba

    D. Ping An

    Correct Response: B. Huawei


    4. The Biden Administration accused Russia of “weaponizing food” after it suspended participation in THIS United Nations brokered arrangement. 

    A. Black Sea grain initiative

    B. Donbas fertilizer export consortium 

    C. Odessa wheat shipment safety corridor

    D. Global commons food navigation agreement

    Correct Response: A. Black Sea grain initiative


    5. Car bombs set off by the Al Shabab militant Islamic group in THIS capital of Somalia killed over 100 and injured more than 300 people.

    A. Khartoum

    B. Nairobi  

    C. Addis Ababa

    D. Mogadishu 

    Correct Response: D. Mogadishu

    6. Over 150 people were killed and over 100 injured in the capital of THIS country when a chaotic Halloween party crowd jammed into a narrow alley.

    A. Japan

    B. Taiwan 

    C. South Korea

    D. Philippines 

    Correct Response: C. South Korea

    7. Russian Defense Minister Shoigu claimed Ukraine was preparing to launch a “dirty bomb” which is THIS type of weapon. Western observers are concerned the claim could signal Russian intentions to detonate such a weapon and blame Ukraine. 

    A. An explosive combined with radioactive materials

    B. Artillery delivered white phosphorus munitions  

    C. A large non-nuclear “blockbuster” bomb used against civilian targets

    D. Air launched napalm

    Correct Response: A. An explosive combined with radioactive materials


    8. World leaders will meet in Egypt for COP27, Conference of the Parties, a grouping that works to limit climate change. The conference comes as global temperatures have risen 1.1 degrees Centigrade over 1850 levels, pushing toward the 1.5 degree target limit agreed to at THIS 2015 landmark agreement.

    A. The COP-1 Climate Pact 

    B. Global Climate Change Limitation Agreement  

    C. The Paris Agreement

    D. Agreement to Limit Greenhouse Gas

    Correct Response: C. The Paris Agreement


    9. Political paralysis continues to plague Northern Ireland where failure to seat the Stormont assembly has opened the prospect of new elections. The trouble is said to stem from the United Kingdom’s failure to resolve THIS issue in Northern Ireland amid political turmoil in London.

    A. Post-Brexit UK-EU trade relations

    B. Resistance to seating a majority composed of Sinn Fein members  

    C. Allocation of UK funding to Northern Ireland infrastructure

    D. Failure to renew the 1998 Good Friday agreement  

    Correct Response: A. Post-Brexit UK-EU trade relations


    10. Visitors to the Disney theme park in THIS Chinese city were locked inside as “zero-Covid” policy tactics were invoked. Authorities have locked down cities and venues, like the factory that makes iPhones, with little warning when local Covid cases were detected.

    A. Beijing

    B. Shanghai 

    C. Hong Kong

    D. Chengdu

    Correct Response: B. Shanghai

  • 24 Oct 2022 11:55 PM | Anonymous

    1. The third British Prime Minister resignation in three years signaled a deepening political crisis in the United Kingdom. THIS Conservative Party leader misstepped on repairs to Britain’s economic troubles saying, as she offered her resignation, “I cannot deliver the mandate on which I was elected by the Conservative Party.”

    A. Theresa May
    B. Liz Truss
    C. Keira Knightley
    D. Elizabeth Mountbatten

    Correct Response: B. Liz Truss

    2. In a move being called “Maximum Xi,” China’s President Xi Jinping was named to a third term in THIS Chinese Communist Party office, customarily limited to two five-year terms. Xi has accumulated more power than Chinese leaders since Chairman Mao Zedong.

    A. Chairman
    B. Secretary General
    C. President
    D. Chancellor

    Correct Response: B. Secretary General

    3. Italy’s first woman Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, head of a far-right coalition, began forming the next Italian government, which will include the Forza Italia party led by THIS 86 year-old flamboyant former Prime Minister. He has been criticized for his pro-Putin views underscored by recently leaked audio recordings in which he called the Russian leader "number one among his five best friends."

    A. Silvio Berlusconi
    B. Mario Draghi 
    C. Matteo Salvini
    D. Sergio Mattarella 

    Correct Response: A. Silvio Berlusconi

    4. Forbes reported THIS social media platform’s parent company in China, ByteDance, had planned to collect data on U.S. citizens, a charge the world’s fastest growing social media app has denied. 

    A. Twitter
    B. Facebook 
    C. Tik Tok
    D. WhatsApp

    Correct Response: C. Tik Tok

    5. Many protestors in the women’s rebellions that have broken out across Iran have called for the removal of THIS 83 year-old spiritual leader who has overseen all aspects of the country’s rule since 1989. 

    A. Ali Khamenei
    B. Ruhollah Khomeini 
    C. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
    D. Ebrahim Raisi

    Correct Response: A. Ali Khamenei

    6. The Election Commission of THIS country ruled that former Prime Minister Imran Khan, ousted in an April no-confidence vote in Parliament, was barred from holding office for five years as a result of selling state gifts and concealing asset as PM. Khan and his party have been battling the government to regain his political standing.

    A. Bangladesh
    B. Afghanistan   
    C. India
    D. Pakistan

    Correct Response: D. Pakistan

    7. A White House spokesman said troops from THIS country were “now directly engaged on the ground,” referring to support to Russians in Crimea to launch drone attacks against Ukraine.

    A. North Korea
    B. China
    C. Iran
    D. Belarus 

    Correct Response: C. Iran

    8. Russian President Vladimir Putin announced THIS action in the four-regions illegally annexed from Ukraine and eight Russian regions near the border area, a sign of the Kremlin’s tightening grip. 

    A. Expanded conscription of service-age men
    B. Expropriation of materials to support the “special military operation” 
    C. Martial law
    D. Closure of journalistic enterprises

    Correct Response: C. Martial law

    9. The ongoing feud between THIS pro-Putin Prime Minister of Hungary and the EU took a new turn when he compared the European group to the Soviets who invaded his country in 1956.

    A. Andrzej Duda
    B. Klaus Iohannis   
    C. Alar Karis
    D. Victor Orban

    Correct Response: D. Victor Orban

    10. Forces from THIS Horn of Africa nation have intensified their support of Ethiopia, its former parent country, in the effort to battle rebels in Tigray, a restive region sandwiched between the two.

    A. Eritrea
    B. South Sudan 
    C. Djibouti
    D. Somaliland

    Correct Response: A. Eritrea



  • 18 Oct 2022 8:24 AM | Anonymous

    1. The Communist Party of China convened THIS once-every-five-years meeting Sunday and is expected to give President Xi Jinping a norm-breaking third term.

    A. National Party Congress
    B. Politburo Standing Committee   
    C. Central Committee of the CCP
    D. General Assembly

    Correct Response: A. National Party Congress

    2. Russia has launched a new campaign of air strikes against Ukraine featuring guided drones provided by THIS country.

    A. China
    B. North Korea  
    C. Iran
    D. Belarus

    Correct Response: C. Iran

    3. In a United Nations General Assembly vote Russia was condemned, 143-5, over THIS action.

    A. Blockading grain exports from Ukraine
    B. Annexing four regions of eastern and southern Ukraine  
    C. Launching missile and drone strikes across Ukraine
    D. Abducting Ukrainian children and putting them up for adoption in Russia

    Correct Response: B. Annexing four regions of eastern and southern Ukraine

    4. Liz Truss has stumbled early as British Prime Minister but the replacement of Kwasi Kwarteng by Jeremy Hunt in THIS senior position is aimed at reassuring markets and steadying the Truss government.

    A. Finance Minister
    B. Chancellor of the Exchequer  
    C. Minister of the Bank of England
    D. Chief of the Finance Committee

    Correct Response: B. Chancellor of the Exchequer

    5. The de-facto leader of the Opec oil cartel backed production cuts which will boost global energy costs, a move interpreted as a political strike at the Biden Administration. THIS country’s foreign ministry pushed back saying the move was based purely on economic need.

    A. Russia
    B. UAE 
    C. Iraq
    D. Saudi Arabia

    Correct Response: D. Saudi Arabia

    6. European Union expansion has been called for by THIS German Chancellor who told a conference, “An EU with 27, 30, 36 states, with then more than 500 million free and equal citizens, can bring its weight to bear even more strongly in the world."

    A. Christian Lindner
    B. Olaf Scholz  
    C. Robert Habeck 
    D. Annalena Baerbock

    Correct Response: B. Olaf Scholz

    7. China’s response to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has been lockdowns, quarantining and border controls in cities and regions when there are virus outbreaks. The measures, called THIS, has strangled the economy and made normal life more difficult.

    A. Xi’s Decree
    B. Zero-Covid  
    C. People’s Lockdown
    D. Wuhan Resistance

    Correct Response: B. Zero-Covid

    8. The nation hosting the World Cup, starting next month, announced media restrictions on where news crews may film while in THIS nation. The move, according to “The Guardian” appears aimed at making difficult interviews about mistreatment of migrant or subjects like LGBTQ+ rights.

    A. Malaysia
    B. Qatar  
    C. Yemen
    D. Pakistan

    Correct Response: B. Qatar

    9. In his address to the CCP National Party Congress President Xi Jinping said he would “never promise to renounce the use of force” regarding THIS, and the “complete reunification of our country must and will be realized,” which was met with sustained applause.

    A. Mongolia
    B. Tibet  
    C. Taiwan
    D. South China Sea

    Correct Response: C. Taiwan

    10. The seven-members of THIS group, the world’s biggest boy band, will enter South Korean military service. The K-Pop band had been allowed to defer service until the age of 30. 

    A. EXO
    B. BlackPink 
    C. Seventeen
    D. BTS

    Correct Response: D. BTS

  • 03 Oct 2022 8:16 PM | Anonymous

    1. The incumbent Brazilian president did better than expected in Sunday’s elections but fell short of challenger, THIS former president who led with 48 percent, two points shy of victory. The two will meet in a runoff vote later this month as worries mount the incumbent might not recognize the election as legal.

    A. Jair Bolsonaro
    B. Luiz Ignacio Lula da Silva 
    C. Nicolas Maduro
    D. Juan Guaido

    Correct Response: B. Luiz Ignacio Lula da Silva

    2. Moscow annexed four provinces in Ukraine including THIS area where Russian forces were pushed back from the strategic hub of Lyman.

    A. Lviv
    B. Donetsk
    C. Odesa 
    D. Chernihiv

    Correct Response: B. Donetsk 

    3. British Prime Minister Liz Truss is under fire for a botched “mini-budget” and tax cut plan as her party conference – THIS party called the Tories -- opens this week.

    A. Labour
    B. Christian Democrats 
    C. Conservatives
    D. Liberal Democrats

    Correct Response: C. Conservatives

    4. A stampede to the exits at a soccer stadium in THIS archipelagic nation was caused by police firing tear gas at fans who rushed the pitch after a home-team loss, resulted in 125 deaths and hundreds injured.

    A. Indonesia
    B. Philippines 
    C. Malaysia
    D. Papua New Guinea

    Correct Response: A. Indonesia

    5. U.S. military forces began two weeks of exercises with THIS Pacific nation as tensions continue over China’s claims to control areas of the South China Sea. THIS country, once an American territory, hosted a major naval and air base during the Cold War.

    A. Japan
    B. Korea  
    C. Philippines
    D. Singapore

    Correct Response: C. Philippines

    6. The Nord Stream pipelines ruptured in likely sabotage have stopped leaking. Nord Stream provides gas from Russia to Western Europe through THIS body of water.

    A. Black Sea
    B. Sea of Okhotsk  
    C. Baltic Sea
    D. Sea of Azov

    Correct Response: C. Baltic Sea 

    7. October 3rd is Germany Unity Day which celebrates THIS.

    A. Reunification of West and East Germany in 1990
    B. End of World War II in Europe in 1945 
    C. End of the Berlin blockade in 1949
    D. Founding of West Germany in 1949

    Correct Response: A. Reunification of West and East Germany in 1990

    8. Somalia’s government announced the death of a co-founder of THIS militant off-shoot of Al Qaeda that has terrorized the country and other parts of East Africa in a joint international operation.

    A. Al Shabaab
    B. AQAP 
    C. Hezbollah
    D. ISIS

    Correct Response: A. Al Shabaab

    9. Violent protests continued in Iran as security forces crack down on demonstrations sparked by THIS incident last month. 

    A. The spiraling national inflation rate resulting from energy and food shortages.
    B. The death of a young woman in police custody for a head covering violation.  
    C. The government’s rejection of the “nuclear deal” that would loosen sanctions.
    D. The new restrictions on travel abroad for dual Iranian nationals. 

    Correct Response: B. The death of a young woman in police custody for a head covering violation.

    10. Tensions remain high on the Korean peninsula with a twin test fire of ballistic missiles in the North and the end of military exercises among the U.S., Japan and South Korea and visit of VP Kamala Harris to the DMZ. THIS South Korean president warned the North of a “resolute and overwhelming response” to any use of nuclear weapons.

    A. Moon Jae-in
    B. Park Geun-hye 
    C. Kim Dae-jung
    D. Yoon Suk-yeol

    Correct Response: D. Yoon Suk-yeol

  • 26 Sep 2022 11:00 PM | Anonymous

    1. Citizens of four Ukrainian regions, occupied by Russian forces, were called to vote in a referendum, called a sham by Ukraine and the West, organized to achieve THIS outcome for Luhansk, Donetsk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia.

    A. Change the official language to Russian
    B. Compel service in the Russian Army for 18-55 year-old men
    C. Approve annexation as Russian territory
    D. Leave Ukraine and form autonomous states

    Correct Response: C. Approve annexation as Russian territory 

    2. In an address to Russians, President Putin issued the following orders and warnings EXCEPT THIS one.

    A. Threatened the use of nuclear weapons
    B. Threatened to attack weapons supply chains in Poland
    C. Issued a military manpower mobilization order
    D. Ordered referenda in occupied Ukrainian territories

    Correct Response: B. Threatened to attack weapons supply chains in Poland.

    3. Protests erupted across THIS country in response to the death in police custody of Mahsa Amini charged with inappropriate wearing of her head scarf. Over 30 protesters and five security officers have been killed in the clashes as of September 25th.

    A. Saudi Arabia
    B. Iran
    C. Afghanistan
    D. Qatar

    Correct Response: B. Iran

    4. The first far-right government since Mussolini’s National Fascist Party is set to take power after Sunday’s voting in Italy. The election will send THIS leader of the Brothers of Italy party to the Prime Minister’s office.

    A. Georgia Meloni
    B. Marine Le Pen
    C. Isabella Rossellini
    D. Gina Ferrari

    Correct Response: A. Georgia Meloni

    5. President Joe Biden told an on-camera interview that the U.S. would defend Taiwan against a Chinese attack. White House officials later said there was no change in THIS so-called U.S. policy. Biden’s repeated statements of support have drawn “stern representations” of protest from Beijing.

    A. Don’t ask, don’t tell
    B. Strategic ambiguity
    C. Furtive strategy
    D. Indo-Pacific framework

    Correct Response: B. Strategic ambiguity

    6. The United States, the United Kingdom and others have asked the United Nations Human Rights Council to discuss China’s abuses of the mostly Muslim Uyghurs in THIS region.

    A. Hong Kong
    B. Hubei
    C. Shaanxi
    D. Xinjiang

    Correct Response: D. Xinjiang

    7. The World Cup set to start November 20 in THIS Persian Gulf nation has many of the more than one million fans complaining about a shortage of and high cost of accommodations. Some plan to fly back and forth on match days to Doha from Dubai where lodging is more available and affordable.

    A. Kuwait
    B. Bahrain
    C. Qatar
    D. Oman

    Correct Response: C. Qatar

    8. As large numbers of Russians fearing military conscription flee to neighboring nations, the Baltic states are cutting off automatic asylum consideration and closing their borders, saying they hope discontent will grow. The Baltic states are these nations EXCEPT THIS one.

    A. Macedonia
    B. Lithuania
    C. Estonia
    D. Latvia

    Correct Response: A. Macedonia

    9. With 1,500 matches over 24 years and accolades as possibly the best tennis player ever, THIS Swiss superstar announced his retirement.

    A. Novak Djokovic
    B. Rod Laver
    C. Roger Federer
    D. Rafael Nadal

    Correct Response: C. Roger Federer

    10. Boeing will pay $200 million to settle civil charges resulting from false airworthiness statements the company made about THIS aircraft after a fatal crash. Despite knowledge of a faulty control system the company said the planes were “as safe as any that has ever flown the skies,” two crashes killed 346 people before the planes were grounded.

    A. 747 Extended Range
    B. 737 Max
    C. Airbus 340
    D. 787 Dreamliner

    Correct Response: B. 737 Max

  • 19 Sep 2022 8:01 PM | Anonymous

    1. Russian and Chinese leaders met in Samarkand this week where Xi remained ambiguous about Beijing’s position on the Ukrainian invasion. Putin appeared hopeful for more practical and rhetorical support considering the two pledged “no limits” on Russo-Sino relations during their February meeting on the sideline of THIS event.

    A. Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit (APEC)
    B. Russian joining China’s Belt and Road Initiative signing ceremony   
    C. Beijing Winter Olympics
    D. Group of Twenty (G-20) Summit

    Correct Response: C. Beijing Winter Olympics

    2. Russia and China led headlines at the summit of THIS Eurasian political, economic and security organization in Uzbekistan last week. Meanwhile Iran moved to become a full partner and Turkey, a NATO member, is moving toward membership.

    A. Shanghai Cooperation Organization
    B. The Belt and Road Cooperative   
    C. Eurasian Security Treaty Organization
    D. Eurasian Partnership Council

    Correct Response: A. Shanghai Cooperation Organization

    3. World leaders have arrived in London ahead of the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II on Monday. The monarch will be laid to rest at the St. George Chapel of THIS royal residence.

    A. Balmoral Castle
    B. Windsor Castle 
    C. Hollyroodhouse Palace
    D. Westminster Abbey

    Correct Response: B. Windsor Castle

    4. The rapid Ukrainian army advance in the east of the country, called THIS, has allowed authorities to uncover a mass burial site in Izium where at least 440 unmarked graves have been discovered. Some bodies showed signs of torture at the hands of the displaced Russian occupiers.

    A. Kharkiv offensive
    B. Luhansk offensive 
    C. Mariupol offensive
    D. Lviv offensive

    Correct Response: A. Kharkiv offensive

    5. Thirty NATO nations will convene talks among military leaders in Tallinn, capital of THIS member country on the eastern front of the alliance. They will discuss the June NATO new “Strategic Concept” of reinforcing the east to be able to respond to Russian provocation.

    A. Lithuania
    B. Moldova 
    C. Estonia
    D. Poland

    Correct Response: C. Estonia 

    6. Fresh fighting broke out between Azerbaijani and Armenian forces, proxies for Turkey and Russia respectively, this week. The neighbors have clashed for decades over control of THIS territory. U.S. House Speaker Pelosi announced she would visit Armenia.

    A. Kaliningrad
    B. Chechnya 
    C. Kazakhstan
    D. Nagorno-Karabakh 

    Correct Response: D. Nagorno-Karabakh

    7. Germany seized THIS asset from Russia’s Rosneft company to ensure its economic security and to prevent the company from continuing to earn profits from their operation.

    A. Grain processing facilities
    B. Oil refineries 
    C. Truck manufacturing plant
    D. Semi conductor finishing facility

    Correct Response: B. Oil refineries

    8. The White House said the U.S. will send an additional $600 million worth of weapons to Ukraine including THIS system which has been very effective in reaching critical Russian army targets.

    A. HIMARS guided multiple rocket launcher
    B. Harpoon anti-ship cruise missile
    C. HARM air to surface anti-radar missile
    D. Javelin advanced anti-tank weapon

    Correct Response: A. HIMARS guided multiple rocket launcher

    9. Magdalena Andersson, Prime Minister of THIS Nordic nation, is stepping down after the right-wing bloc won a thin majority in parliamentary elections. The victory will empower a nationalist, anti-immigration far right party for the first time.

    A. Finland
    B. Denmark 
    C. Sweden
    D. Norway

    Correct Response: C. Sweden

    10. President Joe Biden and scores of world leaders will meet this week at the annual opening session of THIS organization. 

    A. World Health Organization
    B. United Nations General Assembly
    C. Group of Twenty Summit
    D. Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit

    Correct Response: B. United Nations General Assembly

  • 12 Sep 2022 8:03 PM | Anonymous

    Quiz Link:

    1. Queen Elizabeth who died last week at age 96 was the head of state for 15 “realms” of THIS group of sovereign nations, which includes a total of 56 countries.

    A. Commonwealth of Independent States
    B. United Kingdom 
    C. British Empire
    D. Commonwealth of Nations

    Correct Response: D. Commonwealth of Nations

    2. King Charles III relinquished THIS title he held for 56 years to his son, Prince William, as immediate heir to the British throne.

    A. Duke of Cornwall and Prince of Wales
    B. Duke of Earl and Prince of Wales
    C. Duke of Cornwall and Prince of York
    D. Duke of York and Prince of Cambridge

    Correct Response: A. Duke of Cornwall and Prince of Wales

    3. Ukrainian military forces have broken through Russian positions in THIS region following success in pushing back the invading army around Kherson in the south.

    A. Crimea and the south
    B. Zaporizhzhia and the north
    C. Kharkiv and the east
    D. Odessa and the west

    Correct Response: C. Kharkiv and the east

    4. Tech firms that receive federal funding as part of THIS new act will not be able to build “advanced technology” facilities or factories for ten years in China as Washington worries about Beijing’s pirating of semiconductor technology. 

    A. 2022 Semi Conductor Protection Act 
    B. CHIPS and Science Act 
    C. China Piracy Prevention Act
    D. Indo-Pacific Tech Protection Act

    Correct Response: B. CHIPS and Science Act

    5. President Jair Bolsonaro trails in polls against former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva ahead of the October 2nd for President of THIS country. Bolsonaro is worrying observers that he would invite the army to become involved should be lose the vote.

    A. Venezuela
    B. Brazil  
    C. Argentina
    D. Ecuador

    Correct Response: B. Brazil

    6. The first days of THIS new British Prime Minister’s days in office were overshadowed by the passing of Queen Elizabeth but she has busily set about attacking the country’s economic challenges. Among first steps she moved to freeze energy prices with a $151 billion plan.

    A. Madelyn Robinson
    B. Katty Kay 
    C. Emma Watson
    D. Liz Truss

    Correct Response: D. Liz Truss

    7. Chinese President Xi Jinping’s Covid-19 policy, known by THIS name, has been marked by lockdowns, quarantines and mass vaccinations and is a major drag on business and citizens’ access to food and medical care.

    A. Jab and Test
    B. Zero Covid  
    C. ArCov
    D. Leap Forward

    Correct Response: B. Zero Covid

    8. Germany issued an official apology for security lapses and Israel’s President Isaac Herzog addressed the German Budestag to mark the anniversary of the Olympic Games in THIS city where 11 Israeli athletes were murdered by Palestinian terrorists 50 years ago.

    A. Munich
    B. Berlin 
    C. Bonn
    D. Hamburg

    Correct Response: A. Munich

    9. Chinese leader Xi Jinping is set to leave his country for the first time since the Covid pandemic began to meet THIS leader. The trip signals Xi Jinping’s confidence in his grip on power and global leadership role one month before he is set to extend his rule at a congress of the Communist Party.

    A. Joe Biden
    B. Vladimir Putin  
    C. Kim Jong Un
    D. Liz Truss

    Correct Response: B. Vladimir Putin

    10. An Iranian spokesperson said the country had developed advanced long-range suicide drones capable of attacking THIS country, its long-time nemesis.

    A. Iraq
    B. Saudi Arabia
    C. United Kingdom
    D. Israel

    Correct Response: D. Israel


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