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May 18, 2012: Lt. Gen. Thomas G. McInerney (Ret.)

The New Defense Strategy and America’s National Security Threats President Obama’s new Defense Strategy will be analyzed by a veteran of 35 year’s military experience, now a private sector … Read more >

May 4, 2012: Jeffrey H. Bergstrand, Ph.D.

The World Economy in Perspective Dr. Bergstrand  discusses the implications for the United States of the shifting economic gravity of the world in the presence of increased globalization. He … Read more >

April 20, 2012: Ashley J. Tellis, Ph.D.

Transforming U.S. – India Relations The U.S. Endorsement of India’s claim to a permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council is evidence of a broadening bi-lateral economic and … Read more >

March 16, 2012: Rosa Brooks, J.D.

Human Rights and U.S. National Security

March 2, 2012: Winston Yu, Ph.D.

The Power, Promise and Turmoil of Water Resources in South Asia: Reflections from a World Bank Practitioner – The management of water resources in the South Asia (India, Pakistan … Read more >