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May 17, 2013: Steven A. Cook, Ph.D

The Struggle for Egypt Continues: The Uprising Two Years On Dr. Cook offers his analysis on why Egypt is experiencing political uncertainty and instability and the prospects for the … Read more >

May 3, 2013: The Honorable Margaret Spellings

Kids v. Adults: How Politics and Policy Conspire to Leave Children Behind Secretary Spellings examines the current state of education policy, discusses the status quo forces that conspire to … Read more >

April 5, 2013: Nelson Cunningham

Brazil: The Emergence of an Economic Power and a Global Player With the world’s fifth-largest population, fifth-largest landmass, and
eighth-largest economy, Brazil is the least known of the BRICs ( … Read more >

March 15, 2013: Susan Johnson

The Demands of Contemporary Diplomacy Two broad themes were discussed from the perspective of a career diplomat and president of the American Foreign Service:  the role of diplomacy in … Read more >

March 1, 2013: Shibley Telhami, Ph.D.

Prospects of Middle East Peace in the Second Obama Administration Professor Telhami explores the prospect of Arab-Israeli peace as the uprising continues in much of the Arab world and … Read more >