Member Spotlight: Susan Britt

Susan BrittSusan Britt, a long-serving, enormously dedicated WACHH member, played an important role in the creation of the Fall Forum while also serving as a Facilitator for Great Decisions. An initial and continuing Fall Forum Committee member, Ms. Britt provides guidance with book selections, facilitates membership discussions and offers essential feedback to the Board. Over the years, Ms. Britt has also provided much appreciated administrative support to WACHH’s Executive Director.

Ms. Britt grew up in San Francisco and was exposed to people from many places and with diverse points of view. As a young girl, she pursued a curriculum that reinforced a global perspective.  Her interest in international affairs led to being selected as a local teen to usher at the Japanese Peace Conference in San Francisco in 1951. That cemented a lifelong passion!

After marriage, Ms. Britt and her husband lived in Iran and Okinawa, which allowed her the opportunity to learn first-hand about other cultures while exposing her children to a wider world. Her interest in the blend of history and culture truly blossomed when she had the opportunity to spend nine years in Singapore where she became active in international educational endeavors.  Living there when the British wound down their time on the Island, Ms. Britt was involved as a parent with the transformation of a British army school into a United World College. The goal of the UWC sponsor, Lord Louis Mountbatten, was to provide an international school experience for the children of diplomats and business people.  He wanted them to be prepared for university while remaining with their parents in overseas posts. Thus, the International Baccalaureate Program was born.

While in Singapore, Ms. Britt also became active in an American Women’s Association project that explored the association between the United States and the Island Nation, which dates back to the early 1800’s. One of her assignments was to provide historical tours of the city while introducing visitors and new arrivals to this unique and positive blending of Asian cultures.

In 1987, Ms. Britt and her husband Nelson moved to Canada where they spent two years at Regent College an international Theological School.  During that time Ms. Britt completed a master’s degree in Theological Studies.

When Ms. Britt and Nelson retired to Hilton Head in 1992, she was immediately attracted to the World Affairs Group because “it encouraged residents to stay connected with world issues.” They became early members and watched as the group affiliated with the World Affairs Councils of America and grew into the highly respected and unique Hilton Head organization it is today. She believes that WACHH Friday Speakers events are outstanding and is delighted that WACHH continues to broaden its offerings to the local community, including the Evening Speakers Series.

Ms. Britt continues her efforts to help people expand their interest in peoples and cultures around the world because of her passionate belief that, as we approach people of diverse ethnicities, religions and cultures as friends who will enrich our lives, we make the world a better place!

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