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Friday Speaker Series 2018-2019

Threats to Liberal Democracy

With the end of the Cold War and the expansion of NATO and the EU to virtually all Central and Eastern Europe, as well as other countries around the world joining the rules-based global trading system, liberal democracy seemed dominant as never before in history. However, a backlash to the financial crisis, growing inequality, and increased levels of immigration and migration have exposed many vulnerabilities of liberal democracy and revealed the social and cultural issues that encompass demographic anxiety. Our exemplary speakers will provide insights and examples of these troubling trends.

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10/5/2018 Larry Diamond The Liberal Democratic Order in Crisis
10/26/2018 Bruce Hoffman
Inside Terrorism Today
11/2/2018* Amb. Pierre Vimont
President Macron’s France: On Its Way to New Leadership?
11/16/2018 Dr. Jennifer Keene
World War I and the Dawning of the American Century
12/7/2018 Michael Auslin
Asia and America in the Age of Trump: War, Retreat or Recommit?
1/11/2019 Josh Michaud
Global Health
1/25/2019 Trita Parsi
Iran’s Strategy in the Middle East
2/1/2019 Dr. Soner Cagaptay

The New Sultan and Turkey’s Foreign Policy

2/15/2019 Chris Alexander Canadian and U.S. Relations
3/1/2019 Robert Mallett Africa:  Familiar Challenges, Rewarding Opportunities
3/15/2019 Amb. Roman Popadiuk
The Ukraine-Russian Crisis
4/5/2019* Amb. Jerzy Pomianowski*

Supporting Democracy in Eastern Europe in a Time of Uncertainty

5/3/2019 Alyssa Ayres
India’s Rise on the World Stage
 5/17/2019 John Gilbert
North Korea and the Nuclear Threat 

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