Announcing the World Affairs Evening Speaker Series

Blaine Lotz -flag (1)Beginning in January, our Council will fulfill its mission to reach beyond our membership to the larger community of Hilton Head with our first Evening Speaker Series open to both members and non-members. This initiative is the Council’s response to our members who’ve told us they often hear remarks like, “I wish I could hear talks like that, but I simply can’t get away for morning meetings.” Or, “I have standing commitments on Fridays, otherwise I’d be there.” This evening program is the result of the efforts of Marion Conlin, former Program Chair, and her team.

We invite you, our members, to spread the word. The Evening Series meets in a casual and convivial setting at the Yacht Club of Hilton Head overlooking the Marina on Skull Creek. Each session begins the evening with a small-plate buffet supper and a cash wine bar before the forty-minute presentation. This program is limited to ninety-nine participants at a nominal cost of $100 for all five presentations including buffet suppers.

We launch the Series on Tuesday evening, January 27, 2015, at 5:30 PM with a talk by former WACHH President, Kent Harington. Kent, the first Public Affairs Director of the CIA, will present a definitive talk on the politics of national security, civil liberties and privacy driven by present day technology, a topic brought forward by the Snowden affair.

On the 4th Tuesday of each month (February through May), we’ll feature two directors of the Council, a member of the Program Committee, and a friend of the Council, Col. (ret) Mark Mykleby. Mark was one of our most popular speakers in the 2013/14 program year. He co-authored a National Grand Strategy for the Department of Defense in the office of then-Chairman of the JCS, Admiral Mike Mullen.

I can’t promise that Art Smith, Lee Wilwerding and Harold Hauer will fill in all the blanks about our relationships with Cuba and the Ukraine, or about the future of technology in medical science, respectively, but I can tell you that you will leave those meetings informed and inspired to learn more. Please join us in establishing this Evening Speaker Series as a new and hopefully permanent offering from our Council. If it is as successful as we wish it to be, the Board will “cement” the program’s future and determine the frequency of offerings and its organizational structure. We invite each of you to join us and if you can’t come, join us in spreading the word.