Academic World Quest 2015

Academic WorldQuest logo_2015After three years, the AWQ competition banner has been passed from the WACHH Board member initiator, Mike Fritz to Board Member Carleton Dallas. Without missing a beat, our ten teams from the five Beaufort County High Schools have received their materials and are diligently studying in preparation for our local competition in March.

We’ve refreshed our interactions with the County School District, having held several discussions with the School Board Chairman, Superintendent, County Coordinator and respective school coaches for the participating AWQ teams.  The new School District coordinator for AWQ, Heather Brabham, has suggested a number of events to increase the visibility of the teams and the excitement of the competition. Plans are in place to highlight the backgrounds and achievements of the various teams, including local media and interviews and a Mock Competition is scheduled to help the teams become competition ready!

Our teams face a special challenge this year. In the past, all ten question rounds featured a multiple-choice format. This year, the Current Events round in the National Competition will include fill-in-the-blank, true/false, and open-ended questions. All other rounds will remain multiple-choice, the format we’ve been accustomed.  The winning team of our WACHH “official” competition will enjoy an all expense-paid trip to Georgetown University to compete in the  2015 Academic WorldQuest National Competition in Washington, DC.

There are a number of opportunities to get involved and support these students.**.

  • Join other volunteers who are helping devise test questions for the upcoming Mock Competition on Feb 12th.
  • Help staff the “Competition Room”  during the March 7th WACHH Finals Competition.
  • Come, enjoy, and provide encouragement to our AWQ competitors at the WACHH Finals:  Hilton Head Island High School Auxiliary Gym on March 7, 9 AM – 12PM.

These AWQ team members are impressive young, globally aware citizens. They have earned the respect of their peers and would be very motivated by your presence on March 7th. Come join them and experience the intense academic atmosphere, pick up a test question sheet and compare your answers to the correct answer…in other words, have fun and compete against these impressive future global leaders!

** Contact Board member, Carlton Dallas at and let him know how you want to become involved with Academic WorldQuest 2015.