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Program Committee

The WACHH Program Committee is charged by the Board of Directors to identify and recruit speakers that will provide lectures and presentations that are relevant to today’s issues in world affairs, intellectually stimulating, and of interest to our membership.  The committee is comprised of individuals that mirror the diverse background of our membership and include former senior business leaders, retired government officials and military officers, and lifelong educators.  Committee members bring with them a wealth of information, knowledge, and contacts of potential speakers in academia, business, journalism, and other esteemed scholars, not just from the United States, but from around the globe.

The committee itself approaches its recruiting efforts with no political agendas or biases, but recognize that speakers may have their own points of view on any given subject.  Our aim, over the course of a speaker season, is to present a series of speakers that will represent many different points of view from both an academic and practical perspective.

The committee meets once monthly to discuss future programs.  Discussions usually begin one year in advance of the traditional speaker season that runs from October through May.  Based upon particular skills, previous knowledge, or current acquaintance with a potential speaker, a committee member will be assigned as “recruiter” and become responsible to send out an invitation and follow up with the invitee.  If and when our invitation is accepted, the recruiter in partnership with the Executive Director will follow establish protocol for all subsequent communications and arrangements.

Beyond the committee’s own outreach to potential speakers, we invite proposals for speakers from our members.  Because all proposals are reviewed by the Program Committee, the process for making decisions leading to an invitation is best facilitated by the committee.

If you have an idea for a speaker that would be of interest to the membership, please enter a topic and/or speaker suggestion in the subject line of an email to  In the body of your email, please be as detailed as possible about your proposed speaker along with your contact information.

Program Criteria

We invite proposals for speakers from our members. Because all proposals are reviewed by the Program Committee, the process for making decisions leading to an invitation is best facilitated when the information about proposals is comparable. The Program Committee has prepared the following guidelines for consideration and selection of proposed topics and speakers:

  • Suggestions for topics and proposals for speakers are welcomed from the general membership.

  • The Committee will  seek speakers for topic suggestions  that are timely, within the mission of the of  the Council, and relevant to the goals of the program year.

  • Considerations of topics are based upon unfolding global events and priority issues that appear to merit consideration for presentation to the membership.

  •  Selection of potential speakers is based on established professional and academic credentials as well as public speaking experience and communication skills.

To submit your suggestions for speakers, please enter the Topic and/or Speaker Suggestion in the subject line of an e-mail to In the body of your email, be sure to include e-mail address and phone number of the proposed speaker. If you are familiar with the proposed speaker's expertise and biography, the Program Committee would appreciate receiving that information, as well.

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