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We know our neighborhoods, communities, towns, and counties well because we are a part of them.  And of course, our own state and country have an impact on us. 

But what about moving beyond our nation? 

What is the importance of having a global perspective?

The Covid-19 pandemic is a prime example of how world events and global affairs are more significant than any one person, state, government, or country. That is why WACHH has a Global Speakers Program!  

The Global Speakers Program is part of our Friday Speaker Series program. Twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring, WACHH brings in a speaker from oversees.  A vital benefit of listening to a Global speaker is our members and guests hear what the world is thinking and feeling about different global topics. Our speakers' different points of view help us understand how the world is more interconnected and complicated today. 

This program got started in 2016 when generous couple took the first step by providing a $100,000 gift that allowed the organization to create the Global Speakers Program and fund.  The success of the program, inspired them to challenged us in 2018 with an additional $50,000 Match Donation, which many members participated in.  The Global Speaker fund supports the speakers we bring from over seas. 

Our program goal is for people in our community to have a complete picture of the world, from a global point of view, not just an American version.



November 6, 2020: Maud Olofsson
Former Deputy Prime Minister of Sweden
Topic: Will the Nordic Model Survive?

November 11, 2020: Richard MacGregor
Senior Fellow for East Asia at the Lowy Institute, Sydney, Australia
Topic: Australia and China: The West’s Tipping Point


November 1, 2019: Monica Araya
Founder, Costa Rica Limpia
Topic: Costa Rica: A Small Country with Big Ideas
  May 1, 2020: Jonatan Vseviov
Estonia's Ambassador to the United States

Topic: Transatlantic Security: A View from Estonia



November 2, 2018: Ambassador Pierre Vimont
Senior Fellow, Carnegie Europe
Topic: President Macron's France
April 5, 2019: Ambassador Jerzy Pomianowski

Executive Director of European Endowment for Democracy Topic: Supporting Democracy in Eastern Europe in a Time of Uncertainty

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