Our next Speaker Meeting: November 17, 2017


Andrew SeleeANDREW SELEE: Mexico’s Relations with the United States in the Administration of Trump

American politicians worry that too many immigrants are coming across the border from Mexico and that trade with the neighbor next door is undermining American jobs. Andrew Selee argues that America and Mexico have become intimately intertwined over the past two decades in ways that mostly benefit both countries – and especially the United States.

Audio is now posted from our recent Speaker Meetings:

October 6: P.J. Crowley Listen now

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November 3: Amb. James Jeffrey Listen Now

President’s Letter

Lee Wilwerding

We have gotten the new Season’s Friday Speaker Series off to a roaring start with P J Crowley and Anand Menon. The rest of the series will build on this excellent start with an impressive list of speakers yet to come. Assuming No Snow in Washington and No Hurricanes on HHI, Ambassador James Jeffrey will be presenting on 3 Nov on the Middle East. He will be followed on 17 Nov by Andrew Selee on the topic of Mexico’s Relations with the United States in the Administration of Trump. Given the activities in the always challenging Middle East of late and the fateful negotiations on NAFTA these are both very timely presentations.

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