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Weekly Quiz Answers - July 10-16, 2023

10 Jul 2023 8:32 PM | Anonymous

1. President Biden was to meet King Charles and British PM Sunak on his way to the NATO summit in THIS Baltic capital, which is expected to focus on solidarity with Ukraine. 

A. Vilnius, Lithuania
B. Tallinn, Estonia 
C. Riga, Latvia
D. Warsaw, Poland

Correct Response: A. Vilnius, Lithuania


2. The world is big enough for both countries to thrive, according to THIS U.S. official, the latest Biden Administration Secretary to meet Chinese officials with the aim of reducing tensions between the two largest economies.

A. Lloyd Austin
B. Antony Blinken 
C. Janet Yellen
D. Julie Su 

Correct Response: C. Janet Yellen


3. Pro-democracy advocates say an enticement giving out 700,000 plane tickets to boost tourism by THIS former British colony will not cover up human rights abuses that routinely occur there since China imposed the National Security Law three years ago. 

A. Taiwan 
B. Hong Kong
C. Singapore 
D. Brunei

Correct Response: B. Hong Kong

4. Due to a combination of the El Niño weather event and carbon emissions, scientists say THIS reading was the highest in any instrumental record dating back to the end of the 19th century.

A. World's hottest average global temperature
B. World’s largest per-square-meter hurricane 
C. World’s coldest average global temperature during the summer
D. World's most lethal day for lost biodiversity during the summer

Correct Response: A. The world's hottest average global temperature

5. China placed a ban on imports from THIS country over plans to release nuclear power plant water contained after a 2011 earthquake and tsunami into the ocean. A UN nuclear official said it would have a “negligible impact” on the environment but China not backing down on the ban.

A. South Korea 
B. India
C. Japan 
D. Singapore 

Correct Answer: C. Japan


6. A candidate for THIS resurgent far-right party in Germany has won a mayoral election for the first time since the party's founding a decade ago. It is being called a watershed moment in Germany's politics.

A. Deutsche Reichspartei
B. Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands (NPD)
C. Alternative für Deutschland (AfD)
D. Nationalist Front

Correct Response: C. Alternative für Deutschland (AfD)


7. In a move to become a global powerhouse in sports, THIS country announced its plans to launch a new sports investment company that will be a part of the country’s $650 billion sovereign wealth fund. Many human rights activists have criticized these investments, such as the LIV golf association, stating that they are an effort to distract from the country's human rights records.  

A. Kuwait
B. United Arab Emirates 
C. Qatar 
D. Saudi Arabia   

Correct Answer: D. Saudi Arabia


8. President Biden approved the shipment of THIS munition to Ukraine sparking criticism from allies and opponents who claim unexploded bomblets pose hazards to civilians long after fighting ends. About 100 countries, including Ukraine, are prohibited by treaty from producing, using, or transferring these weapons.

A. Cluster Bomb 
C. Patriot
D. Land mines

Correct Answer: A. Cluster Bomb  Source:


9. The unresolved question about asylum policies led to the government of THIS country to fall.

A. Belgium
B. Germany 
C. Netherlands
D. France

Correct Answer: C. Netherlands


10. Following the suicide death of THIS major Chinese pop icon, a major debate has been sparked about the state of mental health in the country. Professionals say that, as China’s economy has quickly advanced, there has been more pressure put on individuals in school and the workplace, resulting in as many as one in seven residents having to deal with mental illness.  

A. Coco Lee
B. Teresa Teng
C. Sam Hui 
D. Jay Chou  

Correct Answer: A. Coco Lee Source:  

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