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World Affairs Council Hilton Head

Weekly Quiz Answers

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  • 25 Dec 2023 11:47 AM | Anonymous

    1. Defense Secretary Austin announced THIS new operation in the Red Sea bringing together navies of at least ten nations to defend international shipping that has been subject to missile and drone attacks from Yemen-based Houthi militias.

    A. Operation Freedom of Navigation
    B. Operation Prosperity Guardian   
    C. Operation Maritime Shield
    D. Operation Earnest Will

    Correct Response: B. Operation Prosperity Guardian


    2. A mass shooting at a university in THIS city left 14 dead and 20 wounded. Mass gun murders are rare in Europe compared to the United States, but this country is alone in the EU as having legal gun ownership rights for citizens.

    A. Stockholm
    B. Budapest 
    C. Berlin
    D. Prague

    Correct Response: D. Prague


    3. Egypt reelected THIS strongman as President with about 90 percent of the vote as his main rival was blocked from running and indicted on what opposition figures called politically motivated charges. The former general took power in a 2013 coup.

    A. Mohamed Morsi
    B. Bashar al-Assad 
    C. Kais Saied
    D. Abdel Fatah El-Sisi

    Correct Response: D. Abdel Fatah El-Sisi


    4. The Rapid Security Force, a renegade military group at war with the government of THIS country, captured Wad Madani, the country’s second largest city and the nation’s breadbasket. Over 300,000 people fled the city in advance of the takeover as humanitarian officials called the situation a “nightmare.”

    A. Mali
    B. Sudan
    C. Libya
    D. Zimbabwe

    Correct Response: B. Sudan


    5. THIS body reached a milestone agreement on immigration policy that tightens asylum rules and makes deportations easier to pursue. The agreement is seen as an effort to defuse anti-immigrant right-wing parties’ advances.

    A. Security Council
    B. European Union 
    C. ASEAN
    D. NATO 

    Correct Response: B. European Union


    6. The newly elected president of THIS country, Javier Milei, has begun his promised shakeup of the struggling economy with industry deregulations and privatizations and an auction of $3.7B of government debt. Thousands took to the streets of Buenos Aires in protest.

    A. Brazil
    B. Argentina
    C. Ecuador
    D. Peru 

    Correct Response: B. Argentina


    7. Russia threatened to sever relations with the United States over THIS possible move. Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said the U.S. “must not act under an illusion … that Russia is clinging with both hands to diplomatic relations with that country.

    A. Congressional passage of supplemental aid package
    B. Supplying Ukraine with long-range cruise missiles 
    C. Building an ABM system in Estonia
    D. Confiscation of frozen Russian assets

    Correct Response: D. Confiscation of frozen Russian assets


    8. Caracas released ten wrongfully detained Americans and extradited a fugitive wanted in Pentagon bribery case in exchange for Alex Saab, a notorious criminal held in the United States. Saab is known as a personal operative of THIS Venezuelan ruler.

    A. Nicolás Maduro
    B. Daniel Ortega
    C. Jair Bolsonaro
    D. Daniel Noboa

    Correct Response: A. Nicolás Maduro


    9. Leaders in THIS nation’s parliament, from the governing Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) suspended a total of 141 lawmakers from the upper and lower houses in part due to calls for investigation of a security breach. The BJP is expected to take advantage of the purge to push through contentious legislation.

    A. Malaysia
    B. India 
    C. Pakistan
    D. Indonesia

    Correct Response: B. India


    10. The presidential election in THIS nation, the second largest in Africa, was extended as voting irregularities and disruptions led opposition candidates in Kinshasa to call for a new vote.

    A. Sierra Leone
    B. Democratic Republic of Congo 
    C. South Africa
    D. Chad

    Correct Response: B. Democratic Republic of Congo

  • 18 Dec 2023 11:30 AM | Anonymous

    1. The European Council agreed to open accession negotiations with THESE countries, a decision Ursula von der Leyen called "strategic" and "a day that will remain engraved in the history" of the European Union.

    A. Turkey and North Macedonia 
    B. Moldova and North Macedonia
    C. Ukraine and Moldova
    D. Ukraine and Albania

    Correct Response: C. Ukraine and Moldova


    2. The lawyer for THIS leading Russian opposition figure said he had disappeared within the penal system. The Kremlin ignored requests for information and waved off Washington’s criticism of his treatment. 

    A. Vyacheslav Gimadi
    B. Alexei Navalny
    C. Kira Yarmysh
    D. Dmitry Peskov

    Correct Response: B. Alexei Navalny


    3. Authorities arrested seven people in Germany, Denmark, and the Netherlands over THESE charges of terrorism.

    A. Suspicion of artificial intelligence espionage 
    B. Suspicion of planning attacks on Jewish institutions 
    C. Conspiracy to bomb COP28
    D. Conspiracy to overthrow the German government

    Correct Response: B. Suspicion of planning attacks on Jewish institutions


    4. Washington will continue to urge Israeli restraint in the war in Gaza with the visit of THIS U.S. Secretary of Defense who is said will urge PM Netanyahu to scale back the attacks and move on to the next phase of the campaign.

    A. Mark Milley
    B. Lloyd Austin
    C. John Kirby
    D. Charles Brown

    Correct Response: B. Lloyd Austin


    5. The trial of iconic publishing figure Jimmy Lai opened in THIS regional city. Lai ran the pro-democracy paper “Apple Daily” which was shut down in 2021 as a result of a draconian national security law. Lai, charged with “colluding with foreign forces,” faces life imprisonment.

    A. Singapore
    B. Taiwan 
    C. Hong Kong
    D. Luzon

    Correct Response: C. Hong Kong


    6. Four of the largest global container ship companies announced a pause in sailings through the Red Sea and Suez Canal where 30% of global container traffic passes. The outbreak of anti-ship attacks by Houthi rebels in Yemen, backed by Iran, has increased the danger of sailing through THIS global maritime chokepoint.

    A. Strait of Hormuz
    B. Malacca Strait 
    C. Bab el-Mandeb
    D. Strait of Gibraltar

    Correct Response: C. Bab el-Mandeb


    7. The year end, highly choreographed, marathon program "Results of the Year with Vladimir Putin” included all of these comments from the Russian ruler except THIS one.

    A. Peace will come to Ukraine “when we achieve our objectives.”
    B. Moscow is talking with Washington about wrongfully detained journalist Gershkovich and former Marine Whelan.
    C. Putin will meet with President Biden at the next G-20 meeting.
    D. Russian forces are improving their positions “practically along the whole line of contact” in Ukraine. 

    Correct Response: C. Putin will meet with President Biden at the next G-20 meeting.


    8. The European Union’s rules for unanimous decisions allowed THIS Putin leaning leader, experienced in extortion and blackmail of his EU partners, to kill a $52B aid lifeline to Ukraine.

    A. Donald Tusk
    B. Klaus Iohannis
    C. Zuzana Čaputová
    D. Victor Orban 

    Correct Response: D. Victor Orban


    9. The prospect of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was rejected in an interview with THIS Israeli official who said, “Absolutely, no,” in response to a question about a Palestinian state, just as President Biden had said, “You cannot say no Palestinian state,” to bring peace.

    A. Foreign Minister Eli Cohen
    B. Ambassador to the UK Tzipi Hotovely 
    C. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
    D. Ambassador to the US Michael Herzog

    Correct Response: B. Ambassador to the UK Tzipi Hotovely


    10. The U.S. and China are in a “competitive relationship” when it comes to economic and military issues according to a recent statement by THIS U.S. Ambassador to China. He said the U.S. expects China to refrain from interference in next month’s presidential election in Taiwan. 

    A. Nicholas Burns
    B. William Burns
    C. William Hagerty
    D. Antony Blinken

    Correct Response: A. Nicholas Burns

  • 11 Dec 2023 12:59 PM | Anonymous

    1. This year is on track to be the hottest year of climate temperatures ever on record. Among the worrisome trends are warmer ocean waters feeding stronger, more frequent storms. THIS Eastern Pacific climate pattern is making that problem worse.

    A. El Niño
    B. Taylor’s Thermocline
    C. El Sierra Cucapa
    D. El Pinta Maria

    Correct Response: A. El Niño


    2. The Congress faces a fast-approaching holiday recess as negotiations continue on a Ukraine aid package, as U.S. resources for the embattled nation are running out. The hitch is an effort to tie THIS measure to funding for Kyiv.

    A. Changes in southern border policy
    B. Amount of aid to Israel
    C. Restrict DoD policy on reproductive healthcare travel for service members
    D. Reduction to funding for United Nations activities

    Correct Response: A. Changes in southern border policy


    3. The year 2024 will be a reelection year for THIS autocrat who is seeking his sixth term in office after changing the constitution in 2020 permitting him to serve through 2036.

    A. Victor Orban
    B. Vladimir Putin 

    C. Aleksandr Lukashenko
    D. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

    Correct Response: B. Vladimir Putin


    4. The Constitutional Court of THIS country essentially reinstated a 2017 pardon of former President Fujimori who had been sentenced to a 25-year prison term for human rights abuses during his decade-long rule in the 1990s.

    A. Thailand
    B. Peru
    C. Japan
    D. Korea

    Correct response: C. Peru


    5. Following a referendum on the issue, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has threatened to annex nearly three-quarters of THIS oil-rich neighbor.

    A. Columbia
    B. Guyana
    C. Ecuador
    D. Brazil

    Correct response: B. Guyana


    6. Moody’s ratings agency downgraded THIS country’s credit outlook to negative, citing the country’s lower than expected economic growth and an ongoing property crisis.

    A. Germany
    B. The United Kingdom
    C. The United States
    D. China

    Correct response: D. China


    7. A group of 117 countries rejected the final agreement on climate at THIS annual summit, hosted by petrostate Qatar, over failure to call for phasing out of fossil fuels.

    A. Cop 28 UN Climate Summit
    B. Paris Accord Summit 
    C. UN Summit on Global Warming
    D. Conference on Climate Change Measures

    Correct Response: A. Cop 28 UN Climate Summit


    8. An election is certain to return the autocratic president of THIS Arab Spring disrupted nation who took power in a 2013 coup. His advice to his countrymen who have seen food prices rise 70% in a year, “If the price of the nation’s progress and prosperity is hunger and thirst, then let us not eat or drink.”

    A. Tunisia
    B. Syria 
    C. Egypt
    D. Morocco 

    Correct Response: C. Egypt


    9. The Supreme Court in New Delhi upheld a government decision to remove the special status – semi-autonomy and a separate constitution – of THIS Muslim majority region that has been central to conflicts between nuclear armed India and Pakistan.

    A. Jammu and Kashmir
    B. Mayotte 
    C. Chagos
    D. Ilemi Triangle

    Correct Response: A. Jammu and Kashmir


    10. Beijing’s 2019 national security law for the Hong Kong special administrative unit included prohibitions on opposition electoral candidates, allowing “patriots” only. The crackdown goes against the 50-year 1997 agreement for the region’s autonomy when it was handed over by THIS colonial power.

    A. Belgium
    B. Portugal 
    C. Japan
    D. The United Kingdom

    Correct Response: D. The United Kingdom

  • 04 Dec 2023 10:44 AM | Anonymous

    1. The ceasefire that facilitated an exchange of hostages in Gaza for detainees in Israel ended with renewed intense ground combat around THIS major city in the Strip where Palestinian civilians in the north had previously been directed to find shelter.

    A. Rafah
    B. Jalia   
    C. Khan Yunis
    D. Deir al-Balah 

    Correct Response: C. Khan Yunis


    2. Prosecutors in the U.S. charged a national of THIS country with attempting to arrange the assassination in New York of a leading proponent of a separate state for Sikhs. The target, Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, is one of the leaders of the Khalistan movement.

    A. China
    B. India
    C. Pakistan
    D. Saudi Arabia

    Correct Response: B. India


    3. World leaders attended the COP28 global climate summit in THIS city but the event was criticized for being hosted by a petrostate and chaired by a national oil company CEO.

    A. Riyadh
    B. Singapore
    C. Kuwait City
    D. Dubai

    Correct response: D. Dubai 


    4. The U.S. Navy guided missile destroyer USS Carney and several merchant vessels were attacked by Yemen-based, Iranian-armed Houthi rebels in the Red Sea near THIS major global maritime chokepoint, an escalation in conflict in the region. 

    A. Hormuz
    B. Malacca
    C. Bab el-Mandeb
    D. Dardenelles

    Correct Response: C. Bab el-Mandeb


    5. The White House warned Congress that it would “kneecap” an American ally if THIS action wasn’t taken.

    A. Approve export of F-16 fighters to Ukraine
    B. Approve U.S. based-launch of a South Korean spy satellite 
    C. Approve additional aid funding to Ukraine by the end of the year
    D. Approve export of four U.S. built destroyers to Taiwan

    Correct Response: C. Approve additional aid funding to Ukraine by the end of the year


    6. Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger died at age 100 leading to a flurry of laudatory and critical commentary over his complicated impact on U.S. foreign policy. Kissinger was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for THIS development.

    A. For concluding a peace agreement after the Middle East “Yom Kippur” war
    B. For jointly having negotiated a cease fire in Vietnam
    C. For negotiating a peace treaty between North and South Korea
    D. For bringing peace to the conflict in East Timor 

    Correct Response: B. For jointly having negotiated a cease fire in Vietnam


    7. An assault on a military barracks and jail in Freetown, the capital of THIS country, killed 20 people, including 13 soldiers, and freed 2,000 inmates. The country’s information officer depicted the attack as a failed coup directed by bodyguards loyal to the former president.

    A. Algeria
    B. Guinea
    C. Liberia
    D. Sierra Leone

    Correct Response: D. Sierra Leone


    8. On the occasion of the COP28 climate summit U.N. Secretary General António Guterres said the world is “minutes to midnight” in its goal of limiting warming to THIS Paris Climate Agreement target.

    A. 5 degrees Celsius
    B. 3 degrees Celsius
    C. 2 degrees Celsius
    D. 1.5 degrees Celsius

    Correct response: D. 1.5 degrees Celsius


    9. An embattled Chinese property giant and its biggest foreign creditors sought to negotiate an 11th hour deal to prevent a liquidation of the company’s offshore businesses.  THIS Guangdong-based company has $300B in liabilities and has led the drag on China’s real estate economy. 

    A. China Resources Mixc Lifestyle Services
    B. China Evergrande Group
    C. Longfor Group Holdings
    D. CBRE Realty

    Correct response: B. China Evergrande Group


    10. The first military spy satellite from THIS nation that faces threats from its neighbor was launched from Vandenberg Space Force Base aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

    A. Australia
    B. South Korea
    C. Philippines
    D. Indonesia

    Correct response: B. South Korea

  • 27 Nov 2023 9:28 AM | Anonymous

    1. Israel and Hamas agreed to a four-day pause in fighting to facilitate the freeing of hostages in the Gaza Strip in exchange for Palestinian women and children held in Israeli prisons. The deal, brokered by THIS Persian Gulf state, will also allow more aid into Gaza. 

    A. Iran
    B. Qatar 
    C. Saudi Arabia
    D. United Arab Emirates

    Correct Response: B. Qatar

    2. Over 30 rioters were arrested THIS capital following the arrest of a man, incorrectly identified as an immigrant, in connection with a stabbing of four, including three children, in a school.

    A. London
    B. Dublin
    C. Berlin
    D. Paris 

    Correct response:  B. Dublin

    3. Russia launched its largest barrage of Iranian-made drones at Kyiv with all but one being shot down by Ukraine air defenses. The attack came on the commemoration of the 1932-1933 Holodomor famine, brought on by THIS Soviet leader, which killed several million Ukrainians.

    A. Leonid Brezhnev
    B. Nikita Khrushchev 
    C. Joseph Stalin
    D. Yuri Andropov 

    Correct Response: C. Joseph Stalin

    4. The expected addition of THIS African country to the East African Community (EAC), a bloc that is both a forum for diplomacy and a market for business, will add more than 3,000km of coastline to the EAC, which officials say will boost trade with the Arabian Peninsula.

    A. Somalia
    B. Ethiopia
    C. Sudan
    D. Mozambique

    Correct response: A. Somalia

    5. Investors pulled nearly $1 billion from the world's largest crypto exchange service, THIS company, after its chief, Changpeng Zhao, pleaded guilty to settle a years-long U.S. illicit finance probe.

    A. Robinhood
    B. Dogecoin 
    C. Coinbase
    D. Binance

    Correct Response: D. Binance


    6. Eccentric candidate Javier Milei became THIS South American country's first libertarian president, winning 56% of the vote. The self-styled "anarcho capitalist" has pledged to "blow up" the status quo to fix the soaring inflation and rising poverty. 

    A. Argentina
    B. Bolivia
    C. Chile
    D. Panama

    Correct Response: A. Argentina


    7. Right wing candidate Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party won 37 of 150 seats of Parliament in THIS country, partly based on his controversial views on restricting immigration.  This puts him in a strong position to become Prime Minister.

    A. Belgium
    B. The Netherlands
    C. Austria
    D. Switzerland

    Correct response: B. The Netherlands


    8. A court in THIS country declared Olaf Scholz’ spending plans unconstitutional; so the government froze public spending for the rest of the year. The ruling dealt a blow to Europe’s economic recovery, efforts to reduce carbon emissions and plans to beef up its defenses.

    A. France
    B. Germany
    C. The United Kingdom
    D. The Netherlands

    Correct response: B. Germany


    9. North Korea launched its first spy satellite, and South Korea responded by partially suspending a 2018 military agreement. Pyongyang followed suit. THIS North Korean leader considers spy satellites essential to countering military threats from the U.S. and its allies.

    A. Kim Il-Sung
    B. Kim Jong Il
    C. Kim Jong Un
    D. Ho Chi Minh

    Correct response: C. Kim Jong Un


    10. In a critical election in THIS Asian country that some say could be the difference between war and peace, competing candidates from the Kuomintang and TPP parties, bucked the nation-wide hope they would form a coalition and instead decided to go after each other on the presidential ticket.

    A. Taiwan
    B. Indonesia
    C. The Philippines
    D. India

    Correct response: A. Taiwan

  • 20 Nov 2023 11:00 PM | Anonymous

    1. Israeli Defense Force troops surrounded THIS hospital in Gaza which they say Hamas has been using as a command center. The IDF showed press the entrance to what they say is a network of Hamas tunnels under the complex. 

    A. al Raffa
    B. al Shifa
    C. al Gaza
    D. al Mansour

    Correct response: B. al Shifa


    2. Chinese leader Xi Jinping met with President Biden at the APEC summit in San Francisco.  Biden said the meeting included “some of the most constructive and productive discussions we’ve had.”  Xi agreed to help curb the production of THIS deadly illicit drug component afflicting the United States.

    A. Sudafed
    B. Fentanyl
    C. Arsenic
    D Methamphetamine

    Correct response: B. Fentanyl


    3. After decades of falling short of the NATO alliance’s 2% of GDP expectation of military spending, THIS European country will meet that target and announced it will double military aid to Ukraine in 2024. It has been surpassed only by the United States in military support to Kyiv.

    A. France
    B. Spain
    C. Germany
    D. Italy

    Correct response: C. Germany


    4. The newly elected populist government in THIS country is bucking the European trend by publicly announcing an end to “lethal” support to Ukraine. The previous government in Bratislava was a solid backer of Kyiv and was the first country to send fighter jets to Ukraine.

    A. Croatia
    B. Slovakia
    C. Romania
    D. Poland

    Correct response: B. Slovakia


    5. The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) is a regional economic forum established in 1989 to leverage the growing interdependence of the Asia-Pacific.  THIS country is NOT among the 21 members.

    A. India
    B. Russia
    C. Vietnam
    D. Mexico 

    Correct response: A. India


    6. The leaders of THESE countries met in San Francisco to discuss regional security issues, bilateral economic relations, and the tension over the release of radioactive wastewater from a damaged nuclear power plant.

    A. Japan and China
    B. China and the Philippines
    C. Japan and South Korea
    D. The Philippines and Indonesia

    Correct response: A. Japan and China


    7. The Supreme Court in THIS country ruled that the government’s plan to fly asylum-seekers to Rwanda was unlawful.

    A. Italy
    B. Greece
    C. Poland
    D. The United Kingdom

    Correct response: D. The United Kingdom


    8. In a move aimed at decolonizing the Soviet Union’s era in THIS country, the Prosecutor-General in Astana plans to open secret service archives containing the records of thousands of people convicted during the repressive regime of Joseph Stalin.

    A. Kazakhstan
    B. Uzbekistan
    C. Kyrgyzstan
    D. Tajikistan

    Correct response: A. Kazakhstan


    9. Pedro Sanchez was re-elected Prime Minister of THIS EU country after months of political uncertainty and widespread protests after the center-left politician promised amnesty for Catalan separatists in exchange for their support.

    A. Peru
    B. Venezuela
    C. Portugal
    D. Spain 

    Correct response: D. Spain  


    10. President Biden and THIS leader agreed to work together against security threats to the United States and Mexico on the final day of the APEC summit. 

    A. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador
    B. Daniel Ortega
    C. Alberto Fernandez
    D. Gustavo Petro 

    Correct response: A. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador

  • 13 Nov 2023 9:37 AM | Anonymous

    1. U.S. forces carried out a so-called “self-defense strike” against a weapons storage facility and a command-and-control center in THIS country after recent attacks by Iranian proxies in the region that have wounded dozens of American troops. 

    A. Iraq
    B. Syria
    C. Jordan
    D. Iran

    Correct response: B. Syria

    2. British PM Rishi Sunak bolstered the stability of his government with the appointment as foreign minister THIS former prime minister whose time in office was marked by the decision to move forward with Brexit.

    A. Boris Johnson
    B. David Cameron   
    C. Theresa May
    D. Tony Blair

    Correct Response: B. David Cameron


    3. Joe Biden will meet Chinese President Xi Jinping on the sidelines of THIS annual APEC meeting in San Francisco to seek stability in the relationship. 

    A. 21 member Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
    B. 8 member Asia Petroleum Exporting Countries
    C. 16 member Asia-Americas Peaceful-Coexistence Community
    D. 35 member Association of Pacific Ecological Concern

    Correct response: A. 21 member Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation


    4. In a move underscoring the current nadir of the bilateral relationship, the National Zoo in Washington, DC returned THESE animals to THIS country.

    A. Jaguars to Mexico
    B. Bengal Tigers to India
    C. Grey Wolves to Turkey
    D. Pandas to China

    Correct response: D. Pandas to China


    5. Prime Minister Orban, Prime Minister of THIS country said the EU must not start membership negotiations with Ukraine, signaling a veto as EU leaders plan to consider a European Commission recommendation to invite Kyiv to membership talks. Orban has been openly anti-Ukraine and pro-Russia.

    A. Hungary
    B. Slovakia
    C. Croatia
    D. Romania

    Correct response: A. Hungary


    6. Hamas leaders consulted with officials in THIS country which has launched a propaganda campaign against Israel. However, they have not yet recalled their ambassador from Israel over the war in Gaza.

    A. South Africa
    B. Turkey
    C. Chile
    D. Russia

    Correct response: Russia


    7. The prime minister of THIS country is escalating censorship in this troubled democracy to counter criticism of him and the ruling BJP party and tighten his grip on power.   

    A. Slovenia
    B. Tunisia
    C. Malta
    D. India

    Correct Response:  D. India


    8. Russia made final its withdrawal from THIS treaty signed a year after the fall of the Berlin Wall which aimed to limit certain categories of weapons held by NATO and the then-Warsaw Pact. Moscow blamed NATO expansion for their decision to withdraw.

    A. Battlefield Weapons Limitation Treaty
    B. Conventional Forces in Europe Treaty       
    C. Intermediate-Range Forces Treaty
    D. Peace in Europe Disarmament Treaty

    Correct response: B. Conventional Forces in Europe Treaty


    9. The Prime Minister of THIS country extended amnesty to Catalan separatists in exchange for political support. This will likely allow him to stay in power but cause turmoil throughout the country and concern in European capitals.

    A. Spain
    B. France
    C. Portugal
    D. Germany

    Correct Response – A. Spain


    10. A series of earthquakes has rattled THIS country, and its government has ordered the evacuation of one town fearing a major volcanic eruption around the Reykjanes peninsula.

    A. Greenland
    B. Italy
    C. Iceland
    D. Indonesia

    Correct response: C. Iceland


  • 06 Nov 2023 9:23 AM | Anonymous

    1. President Vladimir Putin signed a law revoking Russia's ratification of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty leaving only THIS suspended nuclear weapons pact between Russia and the U.S. in place. 

    A. INF Treaty
    B. New START Treaty 
    C. Start I Treaty
    D. Strategic Offensive Reductions Treaty 

    Correct Response: B. New START Treaty

    2. The House of Representatives passed a $14.0 billion aid package for Israel with funding offset by cuts to the IRS. A Senate version, expected to pass, includes funding for THIS country as well as support for Taiwan and humanitarian aid to Gazans.

    A. South Korea
    B Ukraine
    C. Haiti
    D. Poland

    Correct response: B Ukraine


    3. Israeli forces intercepted a drone and missile attack on the port of Eilat launched by THIS Iranian-proxy group in Yemen. They have been fighting a civil war in Yemen against a Saudi-backed coalition since 2014.

    A. Hezbollah
    B. Houthis
    C. Haqqani network
    D. Mujahideen

    Correct response: A. Houthis


    4. Turkey’s parliament is taking up Sweden’s NATO membership application leaving just THIS nation to consider adding the alliance’s 32nd member. President Victor Orban’s government has claimed Swedish politicians have told “blatant lies” about their commitment to democracy. 

    A. Poland
    B. Germany
    C. Greece
    D. Hungary

    Correct response: D. Hungary


    5. Americans, other third country nationals and wounded Palestinians have been evacuated from Gaza to Egypt by way of THIS departure point. 

    A. Rafah
    B. Allenby
    C. Golan
    D. Khan Yunis 

    Correct response: A. Rafah


    6. Attacks by THIS insurgent group seeking to establish Sharia law in northern Nigeria killed 37 villagers. The group shot 17 people and then using a landmine to kill 20 more who were heading to a burial.

    A. The Taliban
    B. Boko Haram
    C. Hezbollah
    D. Hamas 

    Correct response: B. Boko Haram


    7. Secretary of State Blinken asked THIS country that owns the widely viewed Al Jazeera satellite media network to tone down the rhetoric in coverage of the Israel-Gaza war. The Doha government is intermediary and host to the political office of Hamas, designated a terrorist group by many Western nations.

    A. Iran
    B. Qatar
    C. Bahrain
    D. Saudi Arabia

    Correct response: B. Qatar


    8. Trade ministers from THIS group of advanced democracies called for an end to unnecessary trade restrictions in a statement at the end of their meeting in Osaka. The group made specific reference to Chinese restrictions on Japanese food exports, in response to the release of water from the stricken Fukushima nuclear reactor. 

    B. IMF
    C. ASEAN
    D. Group of Seven

    Correct response: D. Group of Seven


    9. In a highly publicized trip THIS American politician met Chinese President Xi Jinping to promote cooperation on climate change.

    A. California Governor Gavin Newsom
    B. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer
    C. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken
    D. New York City Mayor Eric Adams

    Correct response: A. California Governor Gavin Newsom


    10. The Beatles released THIS new song 61 years after their first single. AI audio restoration technology was credited with improving the quality of a John Lennon demo from the 1990s to produce the new song.

    A. Now and Then
    B. Love Always
    C. John’s Song
    D. Old Bailey

    Correct response: A. Now and Then

  • 30 Oct 2023 8:38 AM | Anonymous

    1. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s visit to Washington may have prepared the way for a meeting between President Biden and THIS leader at the upcoming APEC summit in San Francisco.

    A. Xi Jinping
    B. Hu Jintao
    C. Li Xiannian
    D. Jiang Zemin

    Correct Response: A. Xi Jinping


    2. Following the Hamas October 7th attack, Israel launched a massive bombing campaign in Gaza ahead of a widely expected ground campaign focused on eliminating Hamas’ leadership.  THIS leader who lives in Qatar is the current head of Hamas.

    A.  Yasser Arafat
    B.  Ismail Haniyeh

    C.  Mohammed bin Salman
    D.  Hibatullah Akhundzada 

    Correct response: B. Ismail Haniyeh


    3. The U.S. struck two Iran-linked targets in THIS country in retaliation for attacks on American military positions, after having warned Tehran that it would respond to direct or indirect provocations.

    A. Iran
    B. Syria
    C. Iraq
    D. Lebanon

    Correct response: B. Syria 


    4. A China Coast Guard vessel collided with a resupply boat from THIS country, as Beijing continues to exert control over disputed Islands in the South China Sea?

    A. South Korea
    B. Japan
    C. Philippines
    D. Vietnam

    Correct response: C. Philippines


    5. Maria Corina Machado won the primary election of the Venezuelan opposition party, and she will run against THIS authoritarian president next year. An agreement with Washington lifts economic sanctions in exchange for elections, lifting bans on the opposition, and releasing political prisoners and wrongfully detained Americans.

    A. Gustavo Petro
    B. Nicolas Maduro
    C. Guillermo Lasso
    D. Daniel Ortega

    Correct response: B. Nicolas Maduro


    6. THIS south-east Asian country picked a new king last week:

    A. Indonesia
    B. Laos
    C. Malaysia
    D. Thailand

    Correct Response: C. Malaysia


    7. The United States cut off non-humanitarian financial aid to THIS country after the Biden administration concluded that the August military takeover that ousted the incumbent president was indeed a coup.

    A. Gabon
    B. Myanmar
    C. Sudan
    D. Pakistan 

    Correct response: A. Gabon


    8. The embassy of THIS country in Canada will resume visa services in the coming weeks. It’s a move that aims to reduce tensions between the two nations made difficult when Prime Minister Trudeau charged it with murdering a Sikh activist, a Canadian citizen, in British Columbia. 

    A. China
    B. Thailand
    C. India
    D. Pakistan

    Correct response: C. India


    9. Fearing the rise of “parallel societies” THIS country has mandated dismantling of immigrant enclaves and compelling greater integration of immigrants into the national culture.

    A. France
    B. Denmark
    C. Hungary
    D. Greece

    Correct response: B. Denmark


    10. United Nations Secretary General António Guterres has been in the news because of comments on the Israel-Gaza conflict. Guterres is a former prime minister of THIS Iberian country?

    A. Belize
    B. Brazil
    C. Mexico
    D. Portugal 

    Correct response: D. Portugal


  • 16 Oct 2023 10:00 AM | Anonymous

    1. The risk of the Israel-Hamas war widening into a regional conflict increased as THIS Iran-backed group in Lebanon launched aerial attacks that were met with Israeli bombing strikes. The group said they would not be deterred from supporting Hamas by “behind-the-scenes calls with us by great powers.”

    A. ISIS
    B. Islamic Jihad
    C. Hezbollah
    D. PLO 

    Correct Response: C. Hezbollah


    2. The United States sent aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan to maritime interdiction exercises with Japan and South Korea as Washington accused North Korea of shipping war materials to aid THIS conflict. North Korea usually responds to such maneuvers with missile tests.

    A. Hamas’ rocket attacks on Israel
    B. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine 
    C. Iran’s buildup in the Persian Gulf
    D. Azerbaijan’s operations in Nagorno-Karabakh

    Correct Response: B. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine


    3. In preparation for military operations against Hamas, the Israeli Defense Force has taken THIS step.

    A. Agreed to embed Human Rights Watch monitors in ground units
    B. Ordered over one million Palestinians to evacuate northern Gaza
    C. Accepted U.S. special forces troops in anticipated invasion units
    D. Distributed gas masks to communities near Gaza in the event of chemical weapon attacks by Hamas

    Correct Response: B. Ordered over one million Palestinians to evacuate northern Gaza


    4. The British Embassy in Yangon blamed THIS government for an artillery attack on a refugee camp near the border with China that killed 29 refugees. The government has been battling resistance groups and armed ethnic militias since it took power in a 2021 coup.

    A. Bangladesh
    B. Bhutan 
    C. Myanmar
    D. Afghanistan 

    Correct Response: C. Myanmar


    5. An historic deal between Israel and THIS leading Arab state was almost done before Hamas’ deadly attack against Israel. The negotiations are now reported to be on hold as concerns over the fate of Palestinians have been raised.

    A. Egypt
    B. Saudi Arabia 
    C. Kuwait
    D. Jordan

    Correct Response: B. Saudi Arabia


    6. China and THIS neighbor agreed to avoid hostilities along their 2,167-mile disputed common border. Scores of troops from both of these nuclear-armed states were killed in a June 2020 skirmish and tensions between the countries remains strained over the dispute.

    A. Mongolia
    B. Afghanistan 
    C. India
    D. Kazakhstan

    Correct Response: C. India


    7. Pakistan has threatened to deport over one million citizens of THIS country who do not have legal status. Over 3.7 million of these citizens are in Pakistan and many fear returning home would lead to harassment, assault, or arbitrary detention.

    A. Myanmar
    B. Iran 
    C. India
    D. Afghanistan

    Correct Response: D. Afghanistan


    8. In the wake of the attack by Hamas, a client of Tehran, the United States and THIS country agreed to freeze release $6 billion in previously sanctioned Iranian funds that were set to be released after a prisoner swap deal.

    A. Germany
    B. India 
    C. Qatar
    D. Turkey

    Correct Response: C. Qatar


    9. Voters said No on a ballot in THIS country to approve recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the constitution and creation of a body called the “Voice” to advise the government on their issues

    A. Chile
    B. South Africa 
    C. Australia
    D. Canada

    Correct Response: C. Australia


    10. Russia sought a new three-year term, after being suspended in April, to THIS United Nations body, but despite getting 83 of 193 votes in favor, lost to Bulgaria and Albania for the Eastern Europe seats. Albania’s Ambassador said it was important to not “take an arsonist for a firefighter.” 

    A. World Food Program
    B. Human Rights Council
    C. World Health Organization
    D. UN Security Council

    Correct Response: B. Human Rights Council



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