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Weekly Quiz Answers

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  • 27 Mar 2023 9:26 AM | Anonymous

    1. Russian President Putin announced plans to base tactical nuclear weapons in THIS former Soviet republic which Moscow used as a launching point for the invasion of Ukraine and last year’s doomed strike to take Kyiv.

    A. Moldova
    B. Belarus
    C. Crimea
    D. Kaliningrad 

    Correct Response: B. Belarus


    2. The United States carried out air strikes against Iran-backed militia groups in THIS country after attack drone strikes killed an American contractor, wounded another and five troops. Subsequent attacks on American facilities opened the door to further retaliation.

    A. Iran
    B. Syria
    C. Lebanon
    D. Yemen 

    Correct response: B. Syria

    3. Massive protests continued in Israel as Prime Minister Netanyahu sacked his defense minister, the first cabinet member to object to THIS planned action.

    A. Overhaul the judiciary to reduce its independence
    B. Ending the exemption from military service for certain religious communities
    C. Plans to strike Iranian nuclear facilities
    D. Annexation of the West Bank

    Correct Response: Overhaul the judiciary to reduce its independence


    4. The approximately 1.9 billion Muslims in the world welcomed the beginning of THIS religious event, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, a holy month of prayer, fasting and communal meals.

    A. Hajj
    B. Ramadan 
    C. Sawm
    D. Shahada

    Correct Response: B. Ramadan


    5. A leader of the main opposition party in India was ejected from parliament in India and sentenced to jail. The government says Rahul Gandhi was charged for defaming THIS prime minister. Gandhi says he was targeted for investigating the PM’s ties to a troubled corporation. 

    A. Narendra Modi
    B. Imran Khan 
    C. Manmohan Singh
    D. Atal Bihari Vajpayee

    Correct Response: A. Narendra Modi


    6. The Foreign Minister of THIS nation told her Chinese counterpart that Wellington was concerned about developments in the South China Sea, tensions in Taiwan and “the human rights situation in Xinjiang and the erosion of rights and freedoms in Hong Kong. 

    A. New Zealand
    B. Australia
    C. The Philippines
    D. Papua New Guinea 

    Correct response: A. New Zealand


    7. The violent protests across France in response to plans for pension reform has led to the postponement of a visit by THIS newly installed head of state.

    A. Prime Minister Trudeau
    B. Chancellor Olaf Scholz 
    C. Queen Margrethe II
    D. King Charles III

    Correct Response: D. King Charles III


    8. At least 34 migrants have gone missing after their boat capsized off the coast of THIS North African country, across the Strait of Sicily. The country where the Arab Spring began is often used as launching point for migrants from North Africa, the Sahel, the Middle East and Afghanistan due to its proximity to Italy.

    A. Morocco
    B. Egypt
    C. Tunisia
    D. Algeria 

    Correct response: C. Tunisia


    9. The United States and THIS country agreed to new rules for asylum seekers, allowing each country to turn back border crossers within 14 days of arrival.

    A. Mexico
    B. Honduras 
    C. Canada
    D. Guatemala

    Correct Response: C. Canada


    10. One result of the Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin’s summit was Putin’s announcement that Russia would consider using THIS currency to settle international financial accounts.

    A. Zloty
    B. Yen
    C. Yuan
    D. Ruble

    Correct Response: C. Yuan

  • 20 Mar 2023 11:18 PM | Anonymous

    1. President Xi Jinping is traveling to Moscow for a summit with President Vladimir Putin. THIS was the last time the two leaders met when they affirmed “no limits to Sino-Russian cooperation – no forbidden zones.” 

    A. 2021 Summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)
    B. G20 Summit in Australia in 2022
    C. Olympic Games in Beijing in 2022
    D. UN General Assembly Opening 2021

    Correct response: C. Olympic Games in Beijing in 2022


    2. Kyiv’s request for war planes is being answered by THIS NATO country which is sending four MiG-29 fighter jets to Ukraine. Warsaw has led the way in support to Ukraine since the unprovoked Russian invasion, taking millions of refugees.

    A. Hungary
    B. Romania 
    C. Turkey
    D. Poland

    Correct Response: D. Poland


    3. Russian military forces took THIS provocative action in the Black Sea last week. 

    A. Downed a U.S. Reaper UAV
    B. Blinded a U.S. reconnaissance aircraft pilot with a laser 
    C. Rammed a U.S. Sixth Fleet destroyer patrolling south of Ukraine
    D. Blocked departure of UN authorized grain shipment from Odessa

    Correct Response: A. Downed a U.S. Reaper UAV


    4. North Korea launched another ICBM, just prior to a South Korea-Japan summit. In response THIS leader in Seoul ordered the military to continue ongoing major US-ROK exercises and to improve security cooperation with Washington.

    A. Yoon Suk Yeol
    B. Fumio Kishida
    C. Park Jin
    D. Li Qiang 

    Correct Response: A. Yoon Suk Yeol


    5. President Vladimir Putin visited Crimea and THIS city which was devastated by the Russian military during a three-month siege following the February 2022 invasion. 

    A. Odessa
    B. Kharkiv 
    C. Bakhmut
    D. Mariupol

    Correct Response: D. Mariupol


    6. Iran and Saudi Arabia agreed to restore diplomatic relations, which were severed in 2016, after talks facilitated by THIS country.

    A. United States
    B. United Kingdom 
    C. France
    D. China 

    Correct Response: D. China


    7. A warrant issued by THIS body charged Vladimir Putin with personal responsibility for war crimes connected with the abduction of Ukrainian children.

    A. ICC
    B. UNSC 
    C. Geneva Ukraine Tribunal
    D. Government of Ukraine 

    Correct Response: A. ICC


    8. The French National Assembly will consider a no-confidence vote in the government of Emmanuel Macron who acted unilaterally in dealing with THIS issue that has led to large, widespread protests.

    A. Protesting immigration deal with Britain
    B. Protesting new taxes on second homes 
    C. Protesting changes to retirement benefit age
    D. Protesting military support to Ukraine

    Correct Response: C. Protesting changes to retirement benefit age


    9. Skyrocketing inflation in THIS economically troubled Southern Cone nation topped 100% in February meaning the cost of goods has doubled in a year. Meanwhile the government in Buenos Aires has tried capping the prices for good and some other products with little success.

    A. Brazil
    B. Uruguay 
    C. Argentina
    D. Chile

    Correct Response: C. Argentina


    10. At least 22 people, including three monks, were massacred at a monastery in THIS nation. The military junta that seized power two years ago, deposing Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi and precipitating a civil war, admitted there were troops in the area.

    A. Indonesia
    B. Cambodia
    C. Malaysia
    D. Myanmar

    Correct Response: D. Myanmar


  • 16 Mar 2023 12:04 AM | Anonymous

    1. President Biden was to meet Rishi Sunak and Anthony Albanese of the UK and Australia in San Diego to discuss their agreement to boost regional security in the Indo-Pacific including provisions for Australia to acquire nuclear powered submarines under THIS arrangement.

    A. NATO
    B. TPP 
    C. QUAD
    D. AUKUS

    Correct Response: D. AUKUS

    2. President Xi Jinping in unusually frank remarks accused the U.S. of leading a containment policy against China and Foreign Minister Qin Gang said the U.S. must “hit the brakes” or face “conflict and confrontation.” The remarks came as THIS body gave Xi Jinping a remarkable third term as President of China.

    A. National People’s Congress
    B. Politburo of the Communist Party of China 
    C. 20th Party Congress of the CCP
    D. Assembly of the People of China

    Correct Response: A. National People’s Congress 

    3. Half a million Israelis protested THIS move by the government. It was the 10th week of demonstrations against the Netanyahu regime’s move. 

    A. Introduction of conscription
    B. Confiscation of Israeli Arabs’ property
    C. Overhaul and erode judicial authority
    D. Expand Abraham accord relationships

    Correct Response: C. Overhaul and erode judicial authority 

    4. Petr Pavel, a former general in the NATO command structure, was inaugurated President of THIS country. Pavel will visit Slovakia, customarily the first visit since the two countries separated in 1992, and then NATO capitals showing his commitment to alignment with the West.

    A. Poland
    B. Slovenia 
    C. Czech Republic
    D. Hungary

    Correct Response: C. Czech Republic

    5. Following years of disruptions in diplomatic connections THESE two nations agreed to restore relations.

    A. Iran and Iraq
    B. Iran and Saudi Arabia
    C. Syria and Lebanon
    D. Lebanon and Israel  

    Correct Response: B. Iran and Saudi Arabia

    6. Suella Braverman defended THIS government's new Illegal Migration Bill, which effectively prevents asylum seekers from trying to cross the English Channel amid criticism from human rights campaigners and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.  

    A. Ireland
    B. Britain
    C. France
    D. Belgium 

    Correct Response: B. Britain

    7. North Korea reportedly fired two cruise missiles from a submarine simulating an attack on South Korean and American forces as the two allies conducted the largest military exercises in five years. Meanwhile THIS North Korean leader directed his military to prepare to respond to the "frantic war preparation moves" of their enemies.

    A. Yoon Suk Yeol
    B. Kim Jong Un
    C. Kim Il-Sung
    D. Xi Jinping

    Correct Response: B. Kim Jong Un

    8. THIS European president announced the preparation of a bill to enshrine the right to abortion in their country's constitution, honoring the life and legacy of Gisèle Halimi, who worked to legalize abortion.

    A. Emmanuel Macron
    B. Pedro Sánchez
    C. Andrés Manuel López
    D. Alexander Lukashenko 

    Correct Response: A. Emmanuel Macron

    9. The British arm of failed Silicon Valley Bank was rescued by THIS UK financial giant, avoiding insolvency and protecting thousands of tech startups and investors. 

    A. BNP Paribas
    B. HSBC 
    C. Citibank
    D. Chase

    Correct Response: B. HSBC

    10. The Lahore High Court conditionally allowed the holding of the Aurat (“women” in Urdu) March in connection to International Women's Day to bring attention to women's rights in the northeastern part of THIS country in South Asia. 

    A. Tajikistan
    B. India
    C. Afghanistan
    D. Pakistan 

    Correct Response: D. Pakistan



  • 06 Mar 2023 6:19 PM | Anonymous

    1. Russia is making advances against THIS embattled eastern Ukraine city after months of grueling, costly combat despite fierce resistance by Ukrainians. Meanwhile, amid reports that Russian troops have resorted to fighting with shovels, Wagner militia group chief Prigozhin questioned Kremlin support as either “just ordinary bureaucracy or a betrayal.”

    A. Kherson 
    B. Bakhmut
    C. Mariupol
    D. Odessa 

    Correct Response: B. Bakhmut


    2. The world's largest democracy with a population of more than 1.3 billion, India, has been eager to position itself as a leader of emerging and developing nations (commonly referred to as the Global South) and has been hosting THIS premier forum for international economic cooperation compromising 19 countries and the European Union, which concluded in talks ultimately with no consensus on the Ukraine war. 

    A. G20 (Group of Twenty) Summit
    B. G8 (Group of Eight) Summit
    C. G7 (Group of Seven) Summit
    D. SDG Summit 

    Correct Response: A. G20 (Group of Twenty) Summit


    3. After years of pandemic-forced cancellations, Athens recently hosted carnival celebrations, with scores of young people and college students on a night train that tragically collided with a freight train on their return trip, killing 47 people, the worst train crash in THIS country's history. Anger mounts over the country's dismal rail safety record in the European Union as it remains unclear how the accident would influence voting during its upcoming general election. 

    A. France
    B. Italy
    C. Turkey
    D. Greece

    Correct Response: D. Greece


    4. There have been reports of toxic gas attacks in 26 girls’ schools in THIS Middle Eastern country with regime retribution suspected over anti-government protests.

    A. Iran
    B. Saudi Arabia
    C. Lebanon
    D. Syria 

    Correct Response: A. Iran 


    5. Last week THIS nuclear watchdog group reported Iran had enriched uranium to 83.7%, close to weapons grade material, as its Director General Rafael Grossi met with Iranian officials to discuss monitoring of facilities. The restoration of monitoring equipment may not be enough to satisfy Western nations about to discuss Tehran’s nuclear developments.

    A. IATP
    B. G-20
    C. IAEA
    D. P5+1

    Correct Response: C. IAEA


    6. The popular chocolate Toblerone will no longer carry the image of the Matterhorn on its packaging after the company moved from THIS Alpine country to Slovakia. Its former home forbids the use of national symbols on milk-based products not produced inside its borders.

    A. Italy
    B. Andorra
    C. Switzerland
    D. Liechtenstein

    Correct Response: C. Switzerland


    7. The leaders of THIS Asian nation and THIS European nation, both aligned with Moscow, issued a joint statement after a summit on Wednesday calling for peace in Ukraine.

    A. Japan and Serbia
    B. China and Hungary
    C. South Korea and Poland
    D. China and Belarus

    Correct Response: D. China and Belarus


    8. Reports from Tallinn indicate the Reform Party’s Kaja Kallas, THIS Baltic state’s prime minister since 2021 and advocate of support to Ukraine, won a convincing victory over a far-right party that sought to end aid to Kyiv.

    A. Estonia
    B. Poland 
    C. Kaliningrad
    D. Latvia

    Correct Response: A. Estonia


    9. South Korea and THIS WWII occupier worked out an arrangement for compensation of victims of forced labor, clearing an obstacle to better relations, a move hailed as positive by President Biden.

    A. Russia
    B. North Korea
    C. China
    D. Japan

    Correct Response: D. Japan


    10. The Australian Strategic Policy Institute, a security think tank, released a study showing THIS country has a "stunning lead in high-impact research" on 37 out of 44 critical and emerging technologies in the global competition with the US and other Western democracies. The study also showed this country hosts seven of the world's top 10 research institutions. 

    A. Russia
    B. China
    C. United Arab Emirates
    D. Germany

    Correct Response: B. China

  • 27 Feb 2023 12:36 AM | Anonymous

    1. At least 62 migrants died and dozens more are missing from a wooden boat that wrecked amid a storm on a reef off THIS country’s coast. The over 160 migrants – mostly Afghans, Pakistanis and Iraqis – on the boat were seeking refuge in Europe.

    A. Greece
    B. Cyprus  
    C. Italy
    D. France

    Correct Response: C. Italy

    2. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen was to meet with both King Charles III and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to discuss an agreement on the sticky post-Brexit issue of trade borders with THIS part of the United Kingdom.

    A. Scotland
    B. Wales  
    C. Northern Ireland
    D. Gibraltar 

    Correct Response: C. Northern Ireland 

    3. President Putin's suspension of his country's participation in the last remaining U.S.-Russia nuclear arms control treaty, New START, raises stakes over negotiations with THIS country that has the third largest in the world's growing nuclear arsenal, and a unique "no first use" pledge. 

    A. North Korea 
    B. Iran
    C. China
    D. India

    Correct Response: C. China

    4. Israeli fighter jets struck THIS U.S.-designated terror group's affiliated weapons-manufacturing facility following the firing of six rockets from the Gaza Strip, the coastal Palestinian enclave ruled by the group, and an Israeli raid in the occupied West Bank, leaving at least 11 Palestinians dead.

    A. Hamas
    B. Al-Qaeda
    C. Harakat al-Sabireen
    D. ISIS

    Correct Response: A. Hamas

    5. The European Union Commission announced it has temporarily banned THIS popular social media app from the phones used by employees as a cybersecurity measure joining similar moves in the U.S. by more than half of the states and Congress. 

    A. Instagram
    B. Facebook
    C. Twitter
    D. TikTok

    Correct Response: D. Tik Tok

    6. During the first bilateral security talk in four years, China and THIS Asian nation discussed their concerns about the other’s respective military power. These two nations also depend on each other for trade and manufacturing and are two of the world’s economic powerhouses.

    A. India
    B. Philippines 
    C. Singapore
    D. Japan

    Correct Response: D. Japan

    7. Despite issuing a 12-point peace plan for Ukraine, that fails to call for Russian withdrawal, THIS country is reported to be considering supplying Moscow with artillery, ammunition, drones and other war materials. The White House has warned of serious consequences if it arms Russia.

    A. India
    B. Iran 
    C. North Korea
    D. China 

    Correct Response: D. China

    8. The tightest election result from Saturday in THIS, the most populous country in Africa, continued to be counted as Cinderella candidate Peter Obi won the Lagos district vote. Obi’s Labor Party is challenging the two-party contest that has dominated since military rule ended in 1999.

    A. South Africa
    B. Egypt
    C. Nigeria
    D. Ghana

    Correct Response: C. Nigeria 

    9. In another threat against the U.S. and its NATO allies THIS former Russian President (2008-2012) and Putin protégé said for the third time in two weeks that Moscow would use nuclear weapons if the West continued to arm Ukraine.

    A. Dmitry Medvedev
    B. Yevgeny Prigozhin
    C. Sergei Shoigu
    D. Sergei Lavrov

    Correct Response: A. Dmitry Medvedev

    10. As the first Leopard tanks arrived in Ukraine from Poland to bolster Kyiv’s fight with Russia, President Zelenskyy continued to ask for fighter jets from the West. President Biden said that THIS warplane in question was not needed by Ukraine and would not now be sent.

    A. F-15 Eagle
    B. F-14 Tomcat    
    C. F-16 Falcon
    D. A-10 Thunderbolt

    Correct Response: C. F-16 Falcon

  • 20 Feb 2023 12:51 PM | Anonymous

    1. President Joe Biden made a surprise visit to Kyiv to mark this week’s one-year anniversary of the unprovoked Russian invasion. Biden met with THIS Ukrainian leader.

    A. Petro Poroshenko

    B. Volodymyr Zelenskyy

    C. Leonid Kravchuk

    D. Leonid Kuchma 

    Correct Response: B. Volodymyr Zelenskyy


    2. China's Ministry of Commerce announced sanctions on key defense manufacturers Lockheed and Raytheon over arms sales to Taiwan as part of Bejing's pledge to take "countermeasures" in response to THIS event. 

    A. American Patriot missile sales to Taiwan

    B. U.S. Navy ships operating in the South China Sea

    C. Shoot down of a PRC spy balloon

    D. Secretary of State Blinken cancelled visit to China

    Correct Response: C. Shoot down of a PRC spy balloon


    3. The leaders of countries including France, Germany and the United States are in THIS city for a security summit where they discuss boosting support for Ukraine and possible stronger sanctions on Russia.

    A. Munich

    B. Geneva

    C. New York

    D. Paris

    Correct Response: A. Munich


    4. The United States accused Russia of violating the last remaining significant nuclear weapons limitations treaty, known as THIS, when it refused access to inspectors at its facilities.

    A. New START

    B. SALT 

    C. SHORT

    D. INF   

    Correct Response: A. New START


    5. Scottish politics were shaken with the surprise resignation of THIS official who had been a leading voice for independence from the United Kingdom.

    A. Rishi Sunak

    B. Alexander Abercromby

    C. Mairi Gougeon

    D. Nicola Sturgeon

    Correct Response: D. Nicola Sturgeon


    6. The top foreign policy advisor and former foreign minister from THIS Asian country will visit Russia during an eight-day international tour that included the Munich Security Conference. The U.S. warned them against providing lethal aid to Russia in its war against Ukraine.

    A. India

    B. Pakistan

    C. North Korea 

    D. China 

    Correct Response: D. China


    7. Israel has passed a law to revoke the citizenship of members of THIS group residing in Israel if convicted of terrorism or who also get financial aid from the Palestinian Authority (PA). 

    A. Kurds

    B. Arabs

    C. Turks 

    D. Iranians

    Correct Response: B. Arabs


    8. A court in THIS country in Central America stripped 94 political opponents of their citizenship, including award-winning writer Sergio Ramírez, poet Gioconda Belli and Catholic bishop Silvio Báez, bringing the total to 316. It drew sharp criticism from the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. 

    A. Nicaragua

    B. Honduras

    C. Columbia

    D. Panama

    Correct Response: A. Nicaragua


    9. The U.S Agency for International Development held a Summit in Washington D.C. in December chaired by Administrator Samantha Power and President Biden. The goal of the Summit was to revitalize the U.S's relations with community leaders from THIS continent where Russia and China are gaining influence.

    A. Africa

    B. Southeast Asia

    C. Latin America

    D. Central Asia


    Correct Response: A. Africa


    10. North Atlantic Treaty Organization Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said the "time is now" for Turkey and Hungary to ratify applications by THESE two states to join the defense alliance.

    A. Ireland and Kosovo

    B. Belarus and Bosnia-Herzegovina 

    C. Georgia and Azerbaijan

    D. Finland and Sweden

    Correct Response: D. Finland and Sweden

  • 13 Feb 2023 10:56 PM | Anonymous

    1. The UN expected the earthquake death toll to double from the confirmed number of 33,000, as rescue efforts continue to fall short. The massive temblors struck adjoining areas of THESE countries.

    A. Iraq and Iran 

    B. Lebanon and Jordan   

    C. Syria and Turkey

    D. Egypt and Libya

    Correct Response: C. Syria and Turkey


    2. In the wake of the downing of a Chinese intelligence collection balloon off the coast of South Carolina the U.S. military shot down three more unidentified objects aloft – over Alaska, northern Canada and Lake Huron. THIS organization was involved in coordinating some of these operations.

    A. NATO

    B. APEC    


    D. NORAD

    Correct Response: D. NORAD



    3. Former astronaut Scott Kelly called on Elon Musk to restore THIS communications capability to the Ukrainian military, “Defense from a genocidal invasion is not an offensive capability. It’s survival. Innocent lives will be lost. You can help. Thank you."

    A. Starlink

    B. Meta  

    C. Iridium

    D. SpaceX

    Correct Response: A. Starlink


    4. Manila accused China of directing a “military-grade laser” at a Philippine coast guard vessel to prevent resupply of troops based at a shoal in THIS contentious body of water.

    A. Philippine Sea

    B. Strait of Malacca  

    C. East China Sea

    D. South China Sea

    Correct Response: D. South China Sea


    5. On a surprise visit to THIS country on February 8th, President Vladimir Zelensky presented the House of Commons Speaker a Ukrainian fighter pilot’s helmet inscribed, “We have freedom. Give us wings to protect it,” pressing his campaign for Western combat aircraft.

    A. France

    B. Germany 

    C. Britain

    D. Sweden 

    Correct Response: C. Britain


    6. Access to the beleaguered earthquake region in northwest Syria is hampered by the Arab Spring spawned civil war being fought by THIS Syrian leader.

    A. Hafez al-Assad

    B. Mahmoud al-Ayyubi  

    C. Bashar al-Assad

    D. Michel Aoun

    Correct Response: C. Bashar al-Assad


    7. It will change our world, so said Bill Gates about THIS AI bot he touted as being as significant as the invention of the Internet.

    A. ChatGPT

    B. NEVA

    C. Forethought

    D. mirrAR

    Correct Response: A. ChatGPT


    8. The government of THIS Central American nation released 222 of the 245 prisoners it was holding over criticism of President Daniel Ortega who has held power in Managua since 2007. The released opposition prisoners were departed to the United States.

    A. Guatemala

    B. Venezuela

    C. Cuba

    D. Nicaragua

    Correct Response: D. Nicaragua


    9. The White House said THIS claim by China was “not true.”

    A. The U.S. has flown balloons in its airspace ten times in the last year.

    B. American submarines penetrated inside Chinese territorial waters.  

    C. American spy planes breached Chinese airspace.

    D. U.S. special forces performed reconnaissance on South China Sea facilities.

    Correct Response: A. The U.S. has flown balloons in its airspace ten times in the last year.


    10. The President of THIS country is looking for the right moment to revoke the Legion d’Honneur, awarded in 2006 by former President Jacques Chirac to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    A. Belgium

    B. Germany  

    C. France

    D. Netherlands 

    Correct Response: C. France

  • 06 Feb 2023 9:24 AM | Anonymous

    1. Multiple earthquakes in southern Turkey and THIS neighbor brought down hundreds of buildings and killed more than 2,300 people.

    A. Lebanon

    B. Syria   

    C. Georgia

    D. Armenia

    Correct Response: B. Syria


    2. Ukraine President Zelensky hosted Ursula von der Leyen and other European leaders in Kyiv to discuss pushing forward with THIS. She lowered expectations on timing, telling the press, ““There are no rigid timelines, but there are goals.”

    A. Ukraine accession to NATO

    B. European main battle tanks to Ukraine

    C. Ukraine accession to the EU

    D. Reconstruction aid

    Correct Response: C. Ukraine accession to the EU


    3. The IAEA alerted Western governments about THIS new development at the Fordow production plant in Iran.

    A. Increased production of military drones for export to Russia

    B. Increased capability to produce highly-enriched uranium

    C. Discovery of biological weapons precursors

    D. A new generation of long range surface-to-surface missiles 

    Correct Response: B. Increased capability to produce highly-enriched uranium


    4. A corporate fraud case in THIS country that has topped $110 billion in losses at the Adani Group has also started to take a political toll with the suspension of parliament in New Delhi and detention of opposition party figures.

    A. India

    B. Pakistan

    C. Malaysia

    D. Indonesia

    Correct Response: A. India


    5. Widespread strikes continue to trouble THIS country as its citizens continue to wait for a post-Brexit dividend.

    A. Ireland

    B. United Kingdom 

    C. Belgium

    D. France

    Correct Response: B. United Kingdom


    6. "Progress is being made, but difficulties remain," said the EU negotiator working with Britain on a major post-Brexit trade impasse that involves THIS part of the UK connected to the European single market.

    A. Scotland

    B. Wales

    C. Gibraltar

    D. Northern Ireland

    Correct Response: D. Northern Ireland


    7. China reacted to the “spy balloon” take down with a statement saying the U.S. “seriously impacted and damaged both sides’ efforts and progress in stabilizing Sino-US relations.” Washington’s response was to cancel the planned visit of THIS official to Beijing.

    A. Lloyd Austin

    B. Antony Blinken 

    C. Janet Yellin

    D. Jake Sullivan

    Correct Response: B. Antony Blinken


    8. As Ukraine approaches the February 24th anniversary of the unprovoked Russian invasion Kyiv is preparing to react to THIS anticipated move from Moscow.

    A. Demobilization of 500,000 conscripts

    B. A new wave of offensives

    C. A cease-fire proposal

    D. Attacks on NATO supply depots

    Correct Response: B. A new wave of offensives


    9. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed met with leaders of the Tigray rebel movement in an effort to end two-years of fighting that has resulted in a humanitarian catastrophe in THIS country.

    A. South Sudan

    B. Eritrea 

    C. Ethiopia

    D. Somalia

    Correct Response: C. Ethiopia


    10. Four men charged with the 2021 assassination of President Jovenel Moise of THIS Caribbean nation have been transferred from Port au Prince to the United States where they will stand trial. 

    A. Dominican Republic

    B. Jamaica  

    C. Haiti

    D. Martinique

    Correct Response: C. Haiti


  • 30 Jan 2023 9:17 AM | Anonymous

    1. Iran claimed a drone attack against a facility in Isfahan was thwarted with only minor damage to what it said was an ammunition plant. U.S. officials have said THIS country, which considers Iran an existential threat, was behind the attack.

    A. Saudi Arabia

    B. Pakistan   

    C. Iraq

    D. Israel

    Correct Response: D. Israel


    2. Germany reversed its reversal on policy allowing exports of THIS main battle tank to Ukraine following American approval of tank transfer. Berlin also released holds on third country reexports of the tanks, like from Poland.

    A. Leopard

    B. Chieftan  

    C. Abrams

    D. Challenger

    Correct Response: A. Leopard


    3. Burkina Faso asked THIS former West Africa colonial power to withdraw its 400 troops fighting an Islamist insurgency in the country and replace its ambassador over comments about the worsening security situation. Meanwhile the Russian Wagner mercenary group has improved ties with the new regime that took power in a coup last fall.

    A. Germany

    B. France  

    C. Belgium

    D. Britain

    Correct Response: B. France


    4. Turkish President Erdogan, who has been holding up accession of new NATO members, said THIS nation’s application could move forward while it continued to hold up Sweden’s accession.

    A. Denmark

    B. Iceland

    C. Finland

    D. Norway

    Correct Response: C. Finland


    5. The murder of seven people outside a Jerusalem synagogue, a military raid on a refugee camp and crackdowns across the West Bank signaled a new spike in Israeli-Palestinian violence leading THIS American Secretary of State to travel to Egypt, Israel and the West Bank.

    A. Pete Buttigieg

    B. Antony Blinken  

    C. Jake Sullivan

    D. Lloyd Austin

    Correct Response: B. Antony Blinken


    6. Iranian officials were irked by an Iraqi soccer tournament taking THIS name to describe the Persian Gulf, a faux pas that has long disturbed many in the Farsi speaking side of that body of water.

    A. Gulf of Oman

    B. Red Sea  

    C. North Arabian Sea

    D. Arabian Gulf 

    Correct Response: D. Arabian Gulf


    7. A Yazidi community in Canada feels threatened by government plans to repatriate members of THIS terrorist group that conducted genocide and enslavement of Yazidis in northern Iraq in 2014. The group built a Caliphate across parts of Iraq and Syria that had to be dismantled by a U.S.-led military coalition. 

    A. Al Qaeda in Iraq

    B. Islamic State  

    C. Al Shabab

    D. Hamas 

    Correct Response: B. Islamic State


    8. A bomb blast at a mosque in Peshawar, near the Afghan border in the northwest corner of THIS country, killed about 50 and wounded over 150 people. The local Taliban group there is believed responsible for the attack that targeted police in an insurgent campaign that has been accelerating since the end of a ceasefire in November.

    A. Bangladesh

    B. Nepal

    C. Pakistan

    D. Uzbekistan

    Correct Response: C. Pakistan


    9. Police in Port au Prince rioted to protest gang violence that has claimed 14 police officers in the last month amid charges the government is not doing enough. About 100 officers set fires, erected barricades and attempted to enter THIS nation’s prime minister’s residence. 

    A. Cuba

    B. Dominican Republic  

    C. Haiti

    D. Jamaica

    Correct Response: C. Haiti


    10. The jetliner that revolutionized international air travel and introduced the era of the “jumbo jet” has finished its five-decade run with the last commercial model of THIS plane coming off the production line.

    A. Airbus 380

    B. Boeing 707  

    C. Embraer 110

    D. Boeing 747

    Correct Response: D. Boeing 747

  • 23 Jan 2023 9:31 PM | Anonymous

    1. Washington designated THIS Russian militia group that deployed more than 50,000 troops to Ukraine as a “transnational criminal organization.” The group, headed by Yevgeny Prigozhin, has increased its influence in Russia adding to tensions with the Russian military.

    A. Militsiya

    B. Wagner

    C. Pravda

    D. Kalmius

    Correct Response: B. Wagner


    2. Tanks for Ukraine was among the Ukraine support topics discussed by NATO defense ministers in Ramstein. However, THIS nation’s reluctance to send Leopard tanks or allow others to send them has stalled the provision of main battle tanks to Kyiv.

    A. Germany

    B. France 

    C. Turkey

    D. Poland

    Correct Response: A. Germany


    3. After six years as Prime Minister of New Zealand, THIS politician who led the country through Covid and other crises surprisingly resigned saying she had “nothing left in the tank.”

    A. Alice Evans

    B. Kate Mann

    C. Chris Hipkins

    D. Jacinda Ardern

    Correct Response: D. Jacinda Ardern


    4. Dina Boluarte said security forces had gained control over riots in Lima and across THIS Andean nation that have claimed about 44 lives. However, protests continue against the new government, installed following an alleged coup by her predecessor. The impact has included the shutdown of Machu Picchu.

    A. Ecuador

    B. Paraguay  

    C. Bolivia

    D. Peru

    Correct Response: D. Peru


    5. Organizers of the World Economic Forum in THIS Alpine resort offered that we were in the “turbulent twenties” in referring to global economic shocks that may become more frequent.

    A. Gstaad

    B. Davos

    C. Garmisch

    D. Zermatt

    Correct Response: B. Davos


    6. China’s chief epidemiologist said 80% of the country has had Covid just as “the world’s largest migration” is about to begin during the 40 day celebration of THIS holiday. The mass travel, mostly from large cities to rural areas for family reunions, has raised concerns about a new wave of infections.

    A. Communist Party Foundation Day

    B. Lunar New Year

    C. International Labor Day

    D. PRC National Day

    Correct Response: B. Lunar New Year


    7. Over a million people marched in demonstrations across France and unions announced new strikes in protest over the government’s effort to increase the standard retirement age from 62 to 64. THIS president, who vowed to press ahead with the change, said it was necessary to keep the retirement system viable. 

    A. François Hollande

    B. Emmanuel Macron

    C. Nicolas Sarkozy

    D. Alain Poher

    Correct Response: B. Emmanuel Macron


    8. A new coalition government crisis looms in THIS country that recently brought Benjamin Netanyahu back to power after the Supreme Court ruled right-wing Shas party leader Aryeh Deri was ineligible for a cabinet post based on his “backlog of criminal convictions.” Shas insists Deri represent the party in the government. 

    A. Cyprus

    B. Lebanon  

    C. Greece

    D. Israel

    Correct Response: D. Israel


    9. Japan hit a record high trade deficit of $156 billion on the back of THIS surging import expense, which is in short domestic supply.

    A. Rice

    B. Automotive parts  

    C. Energy

    D. Rare earth metals 

    Correct Response: C. Energy


    10. China’s Vice Premier met in Zurich with THIS U.S. Treasury Secretary and agreed to improve communications over economic issues.

    A. Pete Buttigieg

    B. Janet Yellen

    C. Jake Sullivan

    D. Gina Raimondo

    Correct Response: B. Janet Yellen

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