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Weekly Quiz Answers – August 7-13, 2023

07 Aug 2023 9:52 AM | Anonymous

1. A group of eleven Russian and Chinese warships approached U.S. waters in THIS state, the first time such a naval operation was mounted. The ships, which were shadowed by American ships and aircraft, did not enter U.S. territorial waters but the group was called “highly provocative.”

A. Hawaii
B. Florida   
C. Alaska
D. Oregon

Correct Response: C. Alaska


2. Russia continued to pound grain export related facilities in Ukraine as Ukrainian forces struck a warship in the Russian port of Novorossiysk and a tanker near Crimea with THIS weapon system.

A. ATACMS tactical ballistic missiles
B. Aerial drones 
C. Saboteurs
D. Autonomous bomb-laden boats

Correct Response: D. Autonomous bomb-laden boats


3. Coup leaders who overthrew President Bazoum of Niger faced a deadline by THIS regional group of West African nations to restore the deposed president or face a military intervention.

A. African Union
D. Council of the Sahel

Correct Response: C. ECOWAS


4. Japan plans to release treated radioactive water from THIS nuclear power facility that was severely damaged by a 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Prime Minister Kishida plans to brief President Biden and South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol about safety concerns. China objects.

A. Fukushima
B. Matsuyama 
C. Hamamatsu
D. Fukuoka

Correct Response: A. Fukushima


5. Pakistan may delay November elections after THIS former prime minister, leading opposition figure and former cricket star player was sentenced to three years in prison for public corruption.

A. Humayun Dilawar
B. Imran Khan 
C. Shehbaz Sharif
D. Zaigham Kharn

Correct Response: B. Imran Khan


6. About 36,000 scouts are being evacuated from the 25th World Scout Jamboree in THIS country ahead of Typhoon Khanun. It follows the withdrawal of U.S. and UK contingents from the event after hundreds fell ill from rising temperatures and, according to head of UK Scouts, concerns about cleanliness and food.

A. India
B. Taiwan 
C. South Korea
D. Philippines

Correct Response: C. South Korea


7. The military junta that rules Myanmar pardoned THIS Nobel laureate on some of the trumped-up charges she faced but she will remain under house arrest. She was de facto leader of the government until her ouster in 2021, as the country entered a protracted civil war.

A. Cheah Praik Yeong
B. Vivien Khoo
C. Aung San Suu Kyi
D. Kyal Sin

Correct Response: C. Aung San Suu Kyi


8. The U.S. and THIS resource-rich country, vital to the electric vehicle market and strategically located in the Indo-Pacific, announced an "Open Skies" civil aviation deal granting streamlined airplane transportation. 

A. Democratic Republic of the Congo
B. India
C. Kazakhstan
D. Mongolia

Correct Response: D. Mongolia


9. A Ukrainian official labeled as “constructive” peace talks among 40 countries hosted in THIS country, despite the absence of Russia, the country that launched an unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. 

A. France
B. Saudi Arabia
C. Turkey
D. China

Correct Response: B. Saudi Arabia


10. The U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team, defending champions, were knocked out of the World Cup in a stunning shootout conclusion, losing to THIS country’s national team.

A. Sweden
B. Netherlands 
C. Italy
D. Japan

Correct Response: A. Sweden

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