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Weekly Quiz Answers – September 11-17, 2023

11 Sep 2023 9:28 PM | Anonymous

1. A 6.8-magnitude earthquake struck a mountainous area in THIS country. The temblor, striking an area not known as prone to quakes, killed over 2,100 people with the death toll expected to rise.

A. Indonesia
B. Turkey   
C. Morocco
D. Japan

Correct Response: C. Morocco

2. The European Union, India, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, the U.S. and some other G20 partners signed an MoU on the India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor, or IMEC. It will connect Mideast countries by rail and with India by sea and is meant to counter THIS international infrastructure project. 

A. Shanghai Cooperative Organization (SCO) Rails, Ports and Airways Project
B. BRICS Global Trade Ribbons Initiative
C. ASEAN Trade Office Infrastructure Project
D. China’s Belt and Road Initiative 

Correct Response: D. China’s Belt and Road Initiative

3. A dinner invitation on the sidelines of the G20 summit sent by President Droupadi Murmi, calling herself President of “Bharat,” is stirring speculation that THIS country may change its name. “Bharat” is an ancient Sanskrit name.

A. India
B. Malaysia
C. Indonesia
D. Vietnam

Correct Response: A. India

4. Russian President Vladimir Putin is said to plan a meeting with THIS Asian leader in Vladivostok to discuss exchanges of military hardware for technology transfers. 

A. Kim Jong Un
B. Xi Jinping 
C. Kim Il Sung
D. Yook Suk Yeol

Correct Response: A. Kim Jong Un

5. The African Union has been invited to join THIS global grouping by Indian Prime Minister Modi, boosting his position as a champion for Global South countries’ voices in world affairs.

B. The Quad 
C. Group of 20

Correct Response: C. Group of 20

6. In a move called a “propaganda exercise” by Secretary Blinken, Russian authorities held sham elections in occupied regions of Ukraine it illegally annexed a year ago. Among the regions where legislators are being installed are all of these EXCEPT which one?

A. Donetsk
B. Lviv 
C. Luhansk
D. Zaporizhzhya 

Correct Response: B. Lviv

7. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un attended a celebration marking the debut of THIS newest nuclear weapons delivery system. South Korean officials say it probably doesn’t work.

A. Supersonic bomber
B. Attack submarine 
C. Long range artillery battery

Correct Response: B. Attack submarine

8. At a press conference in Vietnam President Joe Biden referred to climate change deniers as “lying, dog-faced pony soldiers,” a recycled reference to John Wayne Westerns, as the U.N. warned the world was not meeting THIS agreement’s targets to limit warming. 

A. Paris Climate Accords
B. Conference of the Parties (COP)
C. Group of 7 Climate Agreement
D. UN Geneva Protocol on Climate Change

Correct Response: A. Paris Climate Accords

9. The Group of Twenty meeting, the premier forum for international economic cooperation, in New Delhi was marked by the absence of several heads of state including all of these EXCEPT who?

A. Vladimir Putin
B. Kim Jong Un 
C. Narendra Modi
D. Xi Jinping

Correct Response: C. Narendra Modi 

10. After the governing party chose Claudia Sheinbaum to square off against the leading opposition party's candidate, Xóchitl Gálvez, THIS country is poised to elect its first female president, who will replace Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

A. Brazil
B. Guatemala
C. El Salvador
D. Mexico

Correct Response: D. Mexico


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