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Weekly Quiz Answers – Oct 9-15, 2023

09 Oct 2023 10:36 PM | Anonymous

1. A spectacular attack by land, air and sea coupled with rocket attacks and cyber warfare by THIS terror group caught Israel by surprise early Saturday resulting in over 700 civilian and military deaths, thousands wounded and over 100 Israelis abducted.

A. Hezbollah
B. Islamic Jihad   
D. Hamas

Correct Response: D. Hamas


2. The unprecedented Hamas terror attack on Israel was launched from THIS territory by militias breaking through border barriers, attacking from the sea and flying motorized paragliders.

A. Golan
B. West Bank
C. Gaza
D. Sinai

Correct Response: C. Gaza


3. The attack against Israel, the so-called “Al Aqsa Storm,” highlighted the role of THIS major patron of Hamas, Hezbollah and other terrorist and militia organizations.

A. Syria
B. Iran
C. Yemen
D. Lebanon 

Correct Response: B. Iran


4. The Sabbath day surprise attack on Israel occurred 50 years and one day after an Arab coalition led by Egypt and Syria launched surprise strikes into Israel starting a three-week war known as THIS.

A. Yom Kippur War
B. The Second Arab Israeli War 
C. The Sinai War
D. Desert Storm

Correct Response: A. Yom Kippur War


5. The 2023 Nobel Peace Prize was won by THIS person. 

A. Jailed Iranian activist Narges Mohammadi
B. Members of the Peace in Tigray committee
C. World Central Kitchen director José Andrés
D. Anti-Putin dissident Alexei Navalny

Correct Response: A. Jailed Iranian activist Narges Mohammadi


6. Russian President Vladimir Putin endorsed a permanent seat on the UN Security Council for THIS country that has supported Moscow’s oil sales despite calls for Ukraine-invasion sanctions.

A. Brazil
B. Indonesia
C. India
D. South Africa 

Correct Response: C. India


7. A U.S. F-16 fighter shot down an armed Turkish drone over THIS country after it flew close to American forces and their Kurdish partners fighting ISIS. NATO ally Turkey considers all Kurdish forces and facilities in THIS country as legitimate counter terrorism targets.

A. Iraq
B. Iran 
C. Syria
D. Lebanon

Correct Response: C. Syria


8. The complicated U.S.-led talks to bring THIS country into the so-called “Abraham Accords” normalization among Arab states and Israel, face new challenges with the unfolding Israel-Hamas war.

A. Iraq
B. Qatar 
C. Saudi Arabia
D. Oman

Correct Response: C. Saudi Arabia


9. Italian PM Meloni and THIS British PM called for “creative Europe-wide solutions” at a European summit on the migrant crisis which this year has seen over 100,000 people landing in Italy and 20,000 in England.

A. Emmanuel Macron
B. Jeremy Hunt
C. Penny Mordaunt
D. Rishi Sunak

Correct Response: D. Rishi Sunak


10. The United States sent the Ukraine over a million rounds of small arms ammunition, which had been seized from an illegal shipment from THIS country to fighters in Yemen.

A. Syria
B. North Korea 
C. Iran
D. Sudan

Correct Response: C. Iran


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