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Weekly Quiz Answers – Oct 16-22, 2023

16 Oct 2023 10:00 AM | Anonymous

1. The risk of the Israel-Hamas war widening into a regional conflict increased as THIS Iran-backed group in Lebanon launched aerial attacks that were met with Israeli bombing strikes. The group said they would not be deterred from supporting Hamas by “behind-the-scenes calls with us by great powers.”

B. Islamic Jihad
C. Hezbollah

Correct Response: C. Hezbollah


2. The United States sent aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan to maritime interdiction exercises with Japan and South Korea as Washington accused North Korea of shipping war materials to aid THIS conflict. North Korea usually responds to such maneuvers with missile tests.

A. Hamas’ rocket attacks on Israel
B. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine 
C. Iran’s buildup in the Persian Gulf
D. Azerbaijan’s operations in Nagorno-Karabakh

Correct Response: B. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine


3. In preparation for military operations against Hamas, the Israeli Defense Force has taken THIS step.

A. Agreed to embed Human Rights Watch monitors in ground units
B. Ordered over one million Palestinians to evacuate northern Gaza
C. Accepted U.S. special forces troops in anticipated invasion units
D. Distributed gas masks to communities near Gaza in the event of chemical weapon attacks by Hamas

Correct Response: B. Ordered over one million Palestinians to evacuate northern Gaza


4. The British Embassy in Yangon blamed THIS government for an artillery attack on a refugee camp near the border with China that killed 29 refugees. The government has been battling resistance groups and armed ethnic militias since it took power in a 2021 coup.

A. Bangladesh
B. Bhutan 
C. Myanmar
D. Afghanistan 

Correct Response: C. Myanmar


5. An historic deal between Israel and THIS leading Arab state was almost done before Hamas’ deadly attack against Israel. The negotiations are now reported to be on hold as concerns over the fate of Palestinians have been raised.

A. Egypt
B. Saudi Arabia 
C. Kuwait
D. Jordan

Correct Response: B. Saudi Arabia


6. China and THIS neighbor agreed to avoid hostilities along their 2,167-mile disputed common border. Scores of troops from both of these nuclear-armed states were killed in a June 2020 skirmish and tensions between the countries remains strained over the dispute.

A. Mongolia
B. Afghanistan 
C. India
D. Kazakhstan

Correct Response: C. India


7. Pakistan has threatened to deport over one million citizens of THIS country who do not have legal status. Over 3.7 million of these citizens are in Pakistan and many fear returning home would lead to harassment, assault, or arbitrary detention.

A. Myanmar
B. Iran 
C. India
D. Afghanistan

Correct Response: D. Afghanistan


8. In the wake of the attack by Hamas, a client of Tehran, the United States and THIS country agreed to freeze release $6 billion in previously sanctioned Iranian funds that were set to be released after a prisoner swap deal.

A. Germany
B. India 
C. Qatar
D. Turkey

Correct Response: C. Qatar


9. Voters said No on a ballot in THIS country to approve recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the constitution and creation of a body called the “Voice” to advise the government on their issues

A. Chile
B. South Africa 
C. Australia
D. Canada

Correct Response: C. Australia


10. Russia sought a new three-year term, after being suspended in April, to THIS United Nations body, but despite getting 83 of 193 votes in favor, lost to Bulgaria and Albania for the Eastern Europe seats. Albania’s Ambassador said it was important to not “take an arsonist for a firefighter.” 

A. World Food Program
B. Human Rights Council
C. World Health Organization
D. UN Security Council

Correct Response: B. Human Rights Council



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