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Weekly Quiz Answers – Nov 6-12, 2023

06 Nov 2023 9:23 AM | Anonymous

1. President Vladimir Putin signed a law revoking Russia's ratification of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty leaving only THIS suspended nuclear weapons pact between Russia and the U.S. in place. 

A. INF Treaty
B. New START Treaty 
C. Start I Treaty
D. Strategic Offensive Reductions Treaty 

Correct Response: B. New START Treaty

2. The House of Representatives passed a $14.0 billion aid package for Israel with funding offset by cuts to the IRS. A Senate version, expected to pass, includes funding for THIS country as well as support for Taiwan and humanitarian aid to Gazans.

A. South Korea
B Ukraine
C. Haiti
D. Poland

Correct response: B Ukraine


3. Israeli forces intercepted a drone and missile attack on the port of Eilat launched by THIS Iranian-proxy group in Yemen. They have been fighting a civil war in Yemen against a Saudi-backed coalition since 2014.

A. Hezbollah
B. Houthis
C. Haqqani network
D. Mujahideen

Correct response: A. Houthis


4. Turkey’s parliament is taking up Sweden’s NATO membership application leaving just THIS nation to consider adding the alliance’s 32nd member. President Victor Orban’s government has claimed Swedish politicians have told “blatant lies” about their commitment to democracy. 

A. Poland
B. Germany
C. Greece
D. Hungary

Correct response: D. Hungary


5. Americans, other third country nationals and wounded Palestinians have been evacuated from Gaza to Egypt by way of THIS departure point. 

A. Rafah
B. Allenby
C. Golan
D. Khan Yunis 

Correct response: A. Rafah


6. Attacks by THIS insurgent group seeking to establish Sharia law in northern Nigeria killed 37 villagers. The group shot 17 people and then using a landmine to kill 20 more who were heading to a burial.

A. The Taliban
B. Boko Haram
C. Hezbollah
D. Hamas 

Correct response: B. Boko Haram


7. Secretary of State Blinken asked THIS country that owns the widely viewed Al Jazeera satellite media network to tone down the rhetoric in coverage of the Israel-Gaza war. The Doha government is intermediary and host to the political office of Hamas, designated a terrorist group by many Western nations.

A. Iran
B. Qatar
C. Bahrain
D. Saudi Arabia

Correct response: B. Qatar


8. Trade ministers from THIS group of advanced democracies called for an end to unnecessary trade restrictions in a statement at the end of their meeting in Osaka. The group made specific reference to Chinese restrictions on Japanese food exports, in response to the release of water from the stricken Fukushima nuclear reactor. 

D. Group of Seven

Correct response: D. Group of Seven


9. In a highly publicized trip THIS American politician met Chinese President Xi Jinping to promote cooperation on climate change.

A. California Governor Gavin Newsom
B. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer
C. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken
D. New York City Mayor Eric Adams

Correct response: A. California Governor Gavin Newsom


10. The Beatles released THIS new song 61 years after their first single. AI audio restoration technology was credited with improving the quality of a John Lennon demo from the 1990s to produce the new song.

A. Now and Then
B. Love Always
C. John’s Song
D. Old Bailey

Correct response: A. Now and Then

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