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Weekly Quiz Answers – November 13-19, 2023

13 Nov 2023 9:37 AM | Anonymous

1. U.S. forces carried out a so-called “self-defense strike” against a weapons storage facility and a command-and-control center in THIS country after recent attacks by Iranian proxies in the region that have wounded dozens of American troops. 

A. Iraq
B. Syria
C. Jordan
D. Iran

Correct response: B. Syria

2. British PM Rishi Sunak bolstered the stability of his government with the appointment as foreign minister THIS former prime minister whose time in office was marked by the decision to move forward with Brexit.

A. Boris Johnson
B. David Cameron   
C. Theresa May
D. Tony Blair

Correct Response: B. David Cameron


3. Joe Biden will meet Chinese President Xi Jinping on the sidelines of THIS annual APEC meeting in San Francisco to seek stability in the relationship. 

A. 21 member Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
B. 8 member Asia Petroleum Exporting Countries
C. 16 member Asia-Americas Peaceful-Coexistence Community
D. 35 member Association of Pacific Ecological Concern

Correct response: A. 21 member Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation


4. In a move underscoring the current nadir of the bilateral relationship, the National Zoo in Washington, DC returned THESE animals to THIS country.

A. Jaguars to Mexico
B. Bengal Tigers to India
C. Grey Wolves to Turkey
D. Pandas to China

Correct response: D. Pandas to China


5. Prime Minister Orban, Prime Minister of THIS country said the EU must not start membership negotiations with Ukraine, signaling a veto as EU leaders plan to consider a European Commission recommendation to invite Kyiv to membership talks. Orban has been openly anti-Ukraine and pro-Russia.

A. Hungary
B. Slovakia
C. Croatia
D. Romania

Correct response: A. Hungary


6. Hamas leaders consulted with officials in THIS country which has launched a propaganda campaign against Israel. However, they have not yet recalled their ambassador from Israel over the war in Gaza.

A. South Africa
B. Turkey
C. Chile
D. Russia

Correct response: Russia


7. The prime minister of THIS country is escalating censorship in this troubled democracy to counter criticism of him and the ruling BJP party and tighten his grip on power.   

A. Slovenia
B. Tunisia
C. Malta
D. India

Correct Response:  D. India


8. Russia made final its withdrawal from THIS treaty signed a year after the fall of the Berlin Wall which aimed to limit certain categories of weapons held by NATO and the then-Warsaw Pact. Moscow blamed NATO expansion for their decision to withdraw.

A. Battlefield Weapons Limitation Treaty
B. Conventional Forces in Europe Treaty       
C. Intermediate-Range Forces Treaty
D. Peace in Europe Disarmament Treaty

Correct response: B. Conventional Forces in Europe Treaty


9. The Prime Minister of THIS country extended amnesty to Catalan separatists in exchange for political support. This will likely allow him to stay in power but cause turmoil throughout the country and concern in European capitals.

A. Spain
B. France
C. Portugal
D. Germany

Correct Response – A. Spain


10. A series of earthquakes has rattled THIS country, and its government has ordered the evacuation of one town fearing a major volcanic eruption around the Reykjanes peninsula.

A. Greenland
B. Italy
C. Iceland
D. Indonesia

Correct response: C. Iceland


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