Great Decisions Discussion Program

Created by the Foreign Policy Association of America (FPA) in 1954, Great Decisions Discussion Program is America’s largest grassroots discussion program that focuses on world affairs. The program model involves reading the Great Decisions Briefing Book and meeting in a group setting to discuss the most critical global issues facing America today. Each year, eight topics are chosen by a panel of experts.

The World Affairs Council of Hilton Head (WACHH), has served as local host to Great Decisions Discussion Program since 2013, and provides this program exclusively to its members. WACHH’s Great Decisions Discussion Program consists of multiple sections that meet on a weekly basis for eight consecutive sessions beginning February of each year. These sections are led and facilitated by WACHH’s members who have received special training. Participants in the Program are expected to have read the assigned topic in the Great Decisions Briefing Book. Group size is limited to 25 members per section to allow for an excellent exchange of ideas. Registration for the program is required. (More information about 2018 Groups)

Why participate in Great Decisions?

  • It will expand your understanding of major global issues.
  • It provides an open forum and introduction for you and other individuals who are knowledgeable and interested in world affairs.
  • It offers you an opportunity to join in robust conversations and frank exchange of ideas in a fun and relaxed atmosphere while respecting everyone’s point of view.

This year’s topics are as follows:

  • The waning of Pax Americana?
  • Russia’s foreign policy
  • China and America: the new geopolitical equation
  • Media and foreign policy
  • Turkey: a partner in crisis
  • U.S. global engagement and the military
  • South Africa’s fragile democracy
  • Global health: progress and challenges

In addition to the Great Decisions Briefing Book, participants are encouraged to access free online resources made available by the Foreign Policy Association. Visit the Foreign Policy web site for more information about the Great Decisions Discussion Program and to purchase a Great Decisions Briefing book

Additional information can be obtained by emailing your question to