Volunteer at Speaker Meetings

Volunteers and Board members will be recruited for each Speaker Meeting to assist as Greeters and Ushers.

All volunteers will be apprised of location of first aid, AEDs, phone to dial 911 in emergency, assisted hearing devices, and wheel chair.

Volunteers in these roles should be at the church by 9:00 AM.

Greeters (5 total)

Main entrance – One person will be stationed at each of the three entrances to Auditorium/Sanctuary:

  • Special needs parking lot entrance
  • Office complex
  • Between office complex and auditorium/sanctuary entrance

The responsibility here is to greet members. If you don’t see a lanyard with name tag, remind them they’ll need name tags to enter the auditorium. Answer questions about how to get to other parts of the church (e.g.; if they enter the main entrance and want to join the coffee social at HeBrews, instruct them how to get there).

HeBrews – 2 greeters will be stationed in HeBrews to assist in directing members to leave HeBrews and go to the auditorium at the appointed time.

Ushers (7 total)

Stationed at each of the following entrances to the auditorium/sanctuary

  • 1 at special needs parking entrance
  • 2 at main entrance
  • 1 at entrance in hallway to the right of the main entrance (as viewed from the main entrance)
  • 1 at entrance in hallway to the left of the main entrance (as viewed from the main entrance)

The responsibility of the usher is to note name tag. Anyone without a name tag should be referred to the membership table at the main entrance. Ushers will also note the availability of hearing devices and assist members in their use.

Ushers, to the extent possible, should encourage members to move to the front and move in from the aisle.