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China Trivia Quiz

28 Apr 2021 8:48 AM | Anonymous

OK, all you Trivia experts , here's quick quiz about China. Answers are at the bottom(no peeking). Let us know how you did!

1.  Which Chinese company is the world’s leading manufacturer of 5G communications equipment?
a)   Xiaomi
b)   Huawei
c)    Fujian
d)   Lenovo

2. Which American restaurant chain operates or franchises the  largest number of units in China?
a)   Starbucks
b)   Burger King
c)    KFC
d)   McDonald’s


3.    China seized and militarized the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea in 2014. Which country contests the sovereignty over these Islands?
a)   Philippines
b)   Borneo
c)    Malaysia
d)   Viet Nam

4.    How many Chinese students are enrolled in American colleges and universities?
 a)   175,000
b)   370,000
c)    490,000
d)   250,000

5.    How many nations recognize Taiwan as an independent country?
a)   31
b)   22
c)    12
d)   17

6.    Which Hilton Head Island merchant accepts payment using Ali Pay, the digital payments system prominent in China?
a)   Walgreen
b)   Publix
c)    Starbucks
d)   CVS


7.    Which Chinese internet services company is being asked to share personal data of its customers with the government?
a)   Ant Financial
b)   Meituan
d)   Pinduoduo

8.    According to a Department of Defense analysis of Chinese military developments, it is likely that China will seek to develop a military that is equal to or in some cases superior to the U.S. military by what year?
a)   2036
b)   2043
c)    2049
d)   2052


Answers: 1)a, 2) c, 3) a, 4) b, 5) c, 6) d, 7) a, 8)c

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