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Return of Great Power Rivalries

The 2018 National Defense Strategy acknowledges an increasingly complex global security environment and the re-emergence of long-term, strategic competition between nations. This environment potentially presents a challenge to U.S. prosperity and security by revisionist powers. China, Russia, and other economic and military powers want to shape a world consistent with their own. This upcoming 2020/21 speaker series will feature diplomats, military leaders, senior policy makers, and scholars that will help us make sense of this return of great power rivalries.

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Date  Presenter   Topic
10/2/2020 Doug Lute How the West Was Lost
Matthew Kroenig
The Return of Great Power Rivalries
Maud Olofsson*
Will the Nordic Model Survive?
Richard MacGregor*
Australia and China: The West’s Tipping Point
Alexandra Bell
Nuclear Weapons Policy in the Next Administration
David Eisenhower
Great Power Rivalries - Through the Rearview Mirror
Col. David Maxwell
Developments in North Korea
Steven Olikara
How the Rise of Millennials and Gen Z Will Shape American Foreign Policy
Joseph Yun
North Korea - What's Next?
Russell Hsiao

Taiwan - Cross-Strait Relations Beyond 2020

Michael Reynolds
Russia and the Middle East in the Twenty-First Century
Richard Stengel Information Wars
4/23/2021 Dr. Robert Spalding US-China Relations in a Post-Coronavirus World
Matthew Burrows Russia and China: Benign Friendship or Malignant Gamechanger?

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