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A Year of Turmoil

A year of turmoil! A pandemic, a contested presidential election and massive cyber-attacks raised challenges around the globe.  Our strong roster of speakers will provide broad coverage of these topics as well as China’s treatment of the Uyghurs, Brexit, Iran under sanctions, the endless conflict in the Gulf Arab States and America’s own challenges. They will help us understand this broad range of issues facing the world including the efforts to undermine our democracy by powerful national and international groups.

The Friday Speaker Series, our principal program, usually takes place on the first and third Fridays of each month at the First Presbyterian Church – October through May.  Speakers come from around the globe who are known for their international experience in government, business, military affairs and academia. International speakers are supported by our Global Speakers ProgramAttendance at the Friday Speaker Series is a primary benefit of joining WACHH. Guests are invited to attend as well (see Guest Policy).

Due to the COVID19, attendees will be required to wear masks at the event and observe other safety protocols the church has in place. 

Date  Presenter   Topic
10/1/2021 John Bolton

National Security Challenges & Opportunities

10/22/2021 Amb. Jeff Levine Russia and the Baltics - Past and Present
11/5/2021 John Tierney
Questions that Congress is Failing to Ask
11/19/2021 Anand Menon* UK in a Changing Europe
12/3/2021 Nury Turkel
The Future of the Uyghurs
1/7/2022 Farah Pandith How We Win: Countering Extremism Together Here & Abroad
1/21/2022 Mona Yacoubian The Arc of Crises in the Levant: Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq Post-ISIS
2/4/2022 Daniel Ziblatt
How Democracies Die
2/18/2022 Trita Parsi
Can We Lose the Enemy?
3/4/2022 Joby Warrick

Red Line: The Unraveling of Syria

3/18/2022 Peter Sparding* Germany, the EU, and the U.S. after Chancellor Merkel
4/1/2022 Douglas Silliman Biden and the Changing Landscape of the Middle East
4/22/2022 Kevin Scheid
The Cyber Threat Evolution and What Comes Next
5/6/2022 Amb. Earl Anthony Wayne The US-Mexico Relationship: It’s Complicated

**Made possible by the Global Speakers Program

Download a PDF version of the 21/22 Friday Speaker calendar.


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Margaret McManus & Jim Irwin
James Edward Alexander
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