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World Affairs Council Hilton Head

Weekly Quiz Answers

  • 16 Jan 2023 10:30 AM | Anonymous

    1. Japan-US economic and political relations were on the table as THIS prime minister visited the White House.

    A. Yoshihide Suga

    B. Yukio Hatoyama

    C. Yoshihiko Noda

    D. Fumio Kishida

    Correct Response: D. Fumio Kishida


    2. Russian President Putin said their troops were making advances after claiming to have taken the contested town of Soledor in eastern Ukraine. Putin labeled Russian military activities in Ukraine by THIS term.

    A. Anti-fascist combat

    B. Special military operations  

    C. Ukraine De-Nazification

    D. Counter insurgency 

    Correct Response: B. Special military operations


    3. In 2023 THIS country will take the title of most populous country from China. 

    A. Indonesia

    B. Pakistan  

    C. India

    D. Nigeria

    Correct Response: C. India


    4. Russia and THIS ally began military drills that has Kyiv worried about possible plans for a new ground attack across Ukraine’s northern border. Leaders in Minsk allowed Russia to use its territory last February as launching point for the first phase of the unprovoked invasion of Ukraine.

    A. Romania

    B. Moldova  

    C. Belarus

    D. Crimea

    Correct Response: C. Belarus


    5. The foreign ministers of France and Germany were in Addis Ababa to support a peace agreement between the rebels in the Tigray region and THIS government to end a civil war that has killed as many as six hundred thousand. 

    A. Eritrea

    B. Ethiopia  

    C. Mozambique

    D. Somalia

    Correct Response: B. Ethiopia


    6. A panel of experts at the United Nations announced that THIS upper atmosphere protective layer shielding the planet from harmful UV rays is recovering thanks to banning of harmful chemicals under the Montreal Protocol of 1987.

    A. Stratosphere

    B. Ozone  

    C. Van Allen Belt

    D. Troposhere

    Correct Response: B. Ozone


    7. Christine Lambrecht, a member of Olaf Scholz’s SPD party, is resigning over a series of missteps, mismanagement and public relations gaffes. Lambrecht, THIS country’s Defense Minister, was due to meet other defense ministers this week to discuss aid to Ukraine.

    A. Netherlands

    B. Sweden  

    C. Germany

    D. Belgium 

    Correct Response: C. Germany

    8. The Biden Administration wants to push through a $20 billion arms deal for Turkey, including 40 F-16 fighter jets to be conditioned on Ankara’s ratification of Sweden’s and Finland’s NATO ascension. The deal faces stiff opposition from Congress over THIS Turkish president’s conduct.

    A. Meral Akşener

    B. Vahagn Khachaturyan  

    C. Katerina Sakellaropoulou

    D. Recep Tayyip Erdogan 

    Correct Response: D. Recep Tayyip Erdogan


    9. The World Economic Forum, also known by THIS resort town where it is held, is in a transformation as globalized world icon to a meeting where international elites are grappling with the aftermath of Covid, the war in Europe, the surge of autocracies, great power conflicts and more.

    A. Davos

    B. Buenos Aires  

    C. Aspen

    D. Whistler 

    Correct Response: A. Davos  


    10. Japan’s Prime Minister Kishida toured several G-7 countries ahead of hosting its May summit in Hiroshima. He consulted on security concerns in the Indo-Pacific after Tokyo announced a boost in defense spending, new deployments of American military forces and a bilateral military pact with Britain in response to regional security threats from THIS country.

    A. North Korea

    B. China  

    C. Russia

    D. All of the above

    Correct Response: B. China


  • 09 Jan 2023 11:40 AM | Anonymous

    1. Thousands of rioters attacked the Presidential Palace, Congress and Supreme Court in THIS capital city, in support of Jair Bolsonaro, known as “Tropical Trump.” Newly installed President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva said Bolsonaro “encouraged” the insurrection.

    A. Rio de Janeiro

    B. Buenos Aires   

    C. Brasilia

    D. Valparaiso

    Correct Response: B. Buenos Aires


    2. The Prime Minister of Sweden addressed THIS country’s demands – actions against Kurdish groups – after both sides reached agreed over the vote on NATO membership. He said additional conditions being asked could not be met. President Erdogan had accused Sweden of harboring Kurdish rebels.

    A. Hungary

    B. Germany  

    C. Turkey

    D. Greece

    Correct Response: C. Turkey


    3. The UK Foreign Minister is opening talks with the EU over unresolved post-Brexit issues especially the trade troubles arising from THIS part of the UK sharing a land-border with an EU country.

    A. Wales

    B. Scotland  

    C. Gibraltar

    D. Northern Ireland 

    Correct Response: D. Northern Ireland


    4. America and Germany will provide armored fighting vehicles to Ukraine for its war resisting the Russia invasion, for the first time after President Macron of THIS NATO country told President Zelenskyy they would send light tanks and APCs.

    A. United Kingdom

    B. Sweden  

    C. France

    D. Spain 

    Correct Response: C. France


    5. President Biden visited El Paso to see the US-Mexico border and talk to local officials about the immigration troubles. Critics blame THIS Trump-era public health rule for the increase in migrants seeking entry.

    A. Rule 18

    B. DHS Pub. 132  

    C. Title 42

    D. INS Code 12099

    Correct Response: C. Title 42


    6. Ukrainian forces using U.S. provided Himar rockets killed scores, possibly hundreds of Russian troops in the city of Makiivka where they were being housed in a school. Russian military officials blamed those targeted for THIS activity which allowed Ukraine forces to fix their location.

    A. Mass use of mobile phones for calls home

    B. Formations in the open visible to Ukrainian drones  

    C. Conversations about their disposition with female Ukrainian agents in bars

    D. Visits by high-ranking Russian officers to the dormitories  

    Correct Response: A. Mass use of mobile phones for calls home


    7. An EU crisis coordination meeting concluded member nations were “strongly encouraged” to demand Covid-19 tests for arrivals from THIS country that recently modified its “Zero Covid” policy. The move resulted in an unexpected jump in visits just as the country is subjected to a wave of new Covid infections.

    A. India 

    B. Indonesia  

    C. China

    D. Saudi Arabia

    Correct Response: C. China


    8. Newly installed national security minister Itamar Ben Gvir, identified as a nationalist provocateur by the Washington Post, made a visit to a sensitive site in Jerusalem which contains the Muslim al-Aqsa mosque. The visit to the religious site called THIS by Jews led to an emergency session of the UN Security Council to discuss the potential for new violence.

    A. Wailing Wall

    B. Temple Mount 

    C. Holy Sepulchre

    D. Mount Zion

    Correct Response: B. Temple Mount


    9. China’s public health officials are bracing for increases in Covid-19 infections as about 200 million people travel across the country to return to homes during THIS 40-day holiday celebration.

    A. Anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party

    B. Lunar New Year  

    C. Labor Day

    D. Qingming Festival

    Correct Response: B. Lunar New Year


    10. The U.S. has placed new sanctions and measures against Iran’s defense industry in response to Tehran exporting THESE weapons.

    A. Surface to air missiles to Hezbollah in Southern Lebanon

    B. Drones to Russia for use to attack cities in Ukraine  

    C. Tanks to Syria to fight in the civil war against rebels  

    D. Surface to surface missiles to Houthi rebels in Yemen

    Correct Response: B. Drones to Russia for use to attack cities in Ukraine

  • 02 Jan 2023 9:35 PM | Anonymous

    1. An evening address to Congress on December 21st was a highlight for THIS foreign leader who met with President Joe Biden.

    A. Bibi Netanyahu

    B. Volodymyr Zelensky   

    C. Rishi Sunak

    D. Emmanuel Macron

    Correct Response: B. Volodymyr Zelensky

    2. China launched a new round of provocative military operations around Taiwan including sending over 70 combat aircraft into the Taiwan Air Defense Identification Zone. Beijing conducted exercises aimed at intimidating Taiwan last summer in response to the visit of THIS U.S. official to Taipei.

    A. Senator Mitch McConnell

    B. Vice President Kamala Harris  

    C. Speaker Nancy Pelosi

    D. Secretary Pete Buttigieg

    Correct Response: C. Speaker Nancy Pelosi 

    3. In the weeks since relaxing some “Zero Covid” measures THIS country has seen more than 250 million people were infected with Covid-19. As many as 1.5 million deaths may result from the pandemic in coming months based on worst-case modeling by the “Economist.”

    A. India

    B. Russia  

    C. Brazil

    D. China

    Correct Response: D. China

    4. North Korea’s provocations marked by recent long range missile testing continued with THIS incursion on South Korean territory.

    A. Mini-submarine deployed special forces

    B. Artillery fire against ROK contested islands  

    C. Five drones across the military demarcation line

    D. DPRK jets penetrating the DMZ 

    Correct Response: C. Five drones across the military demarcation line


    5. The White House said THIS Russian mercenary group headed by Putin protégé Yegeny Prigozhin bought arms from North Korea to bolster its military operations in Ukraine where it has deployed 10,000 contractors and 40,000 convicts.

    A. Victory Brigade

    B. Wagner Group

    C. 2014 Militia

    D. Prigozhin Brigade

    Correct Response: B. Wagner Group


    6. Saudi Arabia hosted about 2.5 million pilgrims at THIS religious obligation for Muslims every year before the pandemic struck. The country aims to increase that number to 6 million by 2030.

    A. Ramadan

    B. Hajj 

    C. Zakat

    D. Shahada

    Correct Response: B. Hajj


    7. Incoming Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced formation of a far-right coalition government led by THIS party he heads. Changes to the Basic Law that define the formation of government are being made to soften eligibility requirements for some of Netanyahu’s partners to serve. 

    A. Labor

    B. Likud  

    C. Noam

    D. Shas

    Correct Response: B. Likud


    8. Care International, the Norwegian Refugee Council and Save the Children stopped operations in THIS country after the government banned women from working with them as well as a ban on women attending universities.

    A. Pakistan

    B. Myanmar  

    C. Bangladesh

    D. Afghanistan

    Correct Response: D. Afghanistan


    9. In his Christmas message THIS Pope issued a plea for the Lord to “inspire the minds of those who have the power to silence the thunder of weapons and put an immediate end to this senseless war,” and he pointed to conflicts and humanitarian strife around the world.

    A. Benedict XVI

    B. Francis  

    C. John Paul II

    D. Gregory III

    Correct Response: B. Francis


    10. President Joe Biden said the Iran nuclear deal, known as THIS, was dead but the U.S. would not make a public announcement according to a campaign event amateur video made public last week. 

    A. Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action

    B. Geneva Protocols  

    C. International Atomic Energy Commission Pact

    D. Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT)

    Correct Response: A. Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action


  • 19 Dec 2022 10:55 AM | Anonymous

    1. The 2022 World Cup final produced a dramatic victory for Argentina in a penalty shoot-out over THIS national team. The final match showcased global talents Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappé.

    A. Italy

    B. France

    C. Brazil

    D. Nigeria

    Correct Response: B. France


    2. The end of the most stringent of “Zero-Covid” measures in THIS country is seeing widespread disease outbreaks in major cities yet many people remain vaccine skeptics. The country has rejected effective Western vaccines in favor of those like the Sinovac CoronaVac.

    A. Russia

    B. China  

    C. India

    D. Brazil

    Correct Response: B. China

    3. Indian troops battled forces from THIS rival it said had “encroached into Indian territory” along the Arunachal Pradesh mountain region in the northeast of India. The two nuclear armed states have sought to deescalate in the area since the 2020 clash that killed over 20 troops.

    A. Afghanistan

    B. Pakistan  

    C. China

    D. Kazakhstan

    Correct Response: C. China


    4. Tariffs imposed during the Trump Administration on steel and aluminum imports by the United States were found to violate global trade rules according to THIS organization. The Biden Administration said it has no plans to change the tariff scheme which was originally based on national security concerns.

    A. International Labor Organization

    B. UN Committee on Global Trade  

    C. World Trade Organization

    D. Group of Twenty

    Correct Response: C. World Trade Organization


    5. Vladimir Putin is visiting Minsk to urge THIS former Soviet republic and ally to participate in an expanded ground campaign on a new front against Ukraine.

    A. Moldova

    B. Crimea  

    C. Belarus

    D. Romania

    Correct Response: C. Belarus


    6. The nearly 200 countries represented at the United Nation’s COP15 conference in Montreal reached a landmark agreement in THIS critical area of global survival.

    A. Climate change

    B. Sea level rise  

    C. Meteorology

    D. Biodiversity

    Correct Response: D. Biodiversity


    7. World leader Binance reported $6 billion in withdrawals over several days last week as THIS phenomenon continued to collapse.

    A. International currency exchange

    B. SWIFT banking system  

    C. Crypto

    D. Exchange traded funds

    Correct Response: C. Crypto


    8. President Biden met with leaders representing 49 nations in the first summit of its kind in eight years as the United States sought to reassert its influence in an area where China has advanced its soft power efforts. Biden pledged to support THIS organization’s permanent membership in the G-20.

    A. African Union

    B. Association of South East Asian Nations

    C. Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation group

    D. Organization of American States

    Correct Response: A. African Union


    9. Millions of fans of the K-pop super band BTS were sent into a frenzy, according to the BBC, at news that Jin, the band’s oldest member, entered the military in THIS country. Observers opined that Jin would likely not be assigned to serve on the DMZ. 

    A. Japan

    B. Malaysia  

    C. South Korea

    D. Bangladesh

    Correct Response: C. South Korea


    10. The legend of Santa Claus is traced to the monk St. Nicholas believed to have been born around 280 A.D. near modern-day Myra on THIS country’s Mediterranean coast. 

    A. Turkey

    B. Romania

    C. Netherlands

    D. Lebanon

    Correct Response: A. Turkey

  • 18 Dec 2022 10:47 PM | Anonymous

    1.  The 2022 Time Man of the Year is THIS head of state.

    A. Vladimir Putin

    B. Xi Jinping   

    C. Volodymur Zelensky

    D. Joe Biden

    Correct Response: C. Volodymur Zelensky


    2. Britney Griner was released from “wrongful” detention in Russia when the United States exchanged her for THIS jailed arms merchant.

    A. Alexei Navalny

    B. Viktor Bout 

    C. Roman Abramovich

    D. Oleg Deripaska 

    Correct Response: B. Viktor Bout


    3. The United States has custody of Abu Agila Mohammad Mas'ud, alledged to have built the bomb that destroyed Pan Am flight 103 over THIS town in 1988 that killed 259 on the plane and 11 on the ground.

    A. Lockerbie, Scotland

    B. Bergerac, France

    C. Loughrea, Ireland

    D. Koblenz, Germany 

    Correct Response: A. Lockerbie, Scotland


    4. European Union Parliament officials are being investigated for taking cash and gifts from THIS Gulf nation in exchange for influence in their policy making. The country has also been accused of using bribes to obtain the 2022 World Cup.

    A. Kuwait

    B. Qatar  

    C. Bahrain

    D. UAE

    Correct Response: B. Qatar


    5. Dina Boluarte was sworn in THIS nation’s first women president following the ouster of Pedro Castillo, who had ordered the dissolution of the Congress in advance of his impeachment.

    A. Agentina

    B. Uruguay  

    C. Nicaragua

    D. Peru

    Correct Response: D. Peru


    6. Newspaper chief and pro-democracy icon Jimmy Lai was sentenced to a five year prison term for seemingly trumped up charges of fraud, stemming from Beijing’s crackdown of the THIS former British Crown Colony’s pro-democracy movement.

    A. Taiwan

    B. Hainan  

    C. Hong Kong

    D. Macau

    Correct Response: C. Hong Kong


    7. Chinese President Xi Jinping visited THIS Middle East nation for talks with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and other Arab leaders. Its embrace of China appears to be a snub to President Biden amid increasing friction between Washington and Riyadh.

    A. Iran

    B. Iraq  

    C. Saudi Arabia

    D. United Arab Emirates

    Correct Response: C. Saudi Arabia


    8. American military forces carried out a helicopter raid in Syria that killed two leaders of THIS terrorist organization. The United States has led a coalition against this radical group since it evolved from militant groups in Iraq and established a caliphate. 

    A. Al Qaeda 

    B. Hamas  

    C. ISIS

    D. Hezbollah 

    Correct Response: C. ISIS


    9. More history was made at the World Cup as THIS nation’s team advanced to the semi-finals to become the first African country to advance that deep in the tournament. 

    A. Morocco

    B. Egypt

    C. Tunisia

    D. Algeria

    Correct Response: A. Morocco


    10. The release of “Harry and Meghan” put the spotlight back on troubles within the British Royal family and included Prince Harry’s recollections of the plight of his mother, THIS former wife of King Charles, at the hands of the press. She died in a 1997 car accident while being pursued by paparazzi.

    A. Anne

    B. Catherine  

    C. Helen

    D. Diana

    Correct Response: D. Diana

  • 12 Dec 2022 11:51 AM | Anonymous

    1. Talking about talking. President Biden suggested he would meet President Putin under certain circumstances to talk about ending the conflict in Ukraine. Moscow’s response was to demand THIS.

    A. Rejection of Ukraine’s application to join NATO 

    B. Recognition of the Ukraine regions Russia annexed by America and the West.

    C. Rejection of accession of Sweden and Finland to NATO

    D. Resumption of oil and gas purchases by Western European countries 

    Correct Response: B. Recognition of the Ukraine regions Russia annexed by America and the West.


    2. The first Biden Administration State Dinner was held to honor THIS visiting leader and to recognize America’s earliest strategic ally.

    A. Rishi Sunak

    B. Olaf Scholz

    C. Giorgia Meloni

    D. Emmanuel Macron 

    Correct Response: D. Emmanuel Macron


    3. Iran announced construction of its second nuclear power plant as negotiations to restore provisions of THIS nuclear agreement with the P5+1 group continued to stall. The 2015 pact to put Iran’s nuclear enrichment activities in a box in exchange for economic sanctions relief was shelved by President Trump in 2018.

    A. Iran Nuclear Control Plan

    B. Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action

    C. Comprehensive Persian Gulf Nuclear Disarmament Treaty

    D. The Geneva Agreement 

    Correct Response: B. Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action


    4. China relaxed some Zero-Covid including easing testing requirements and quarantine rules following THIS development.

    A. Protests spread across the country to at least 20 cities

    B. Covid spread numbers started to bottom out

    C. China’s Ministry of Health released a new, effective vaccine

    D. Economic data suggested Zero-Covid policies were harming growth 

    Correct Response: A. Protests spread across the country to at least 20 cities


    5. Iranian officials sent mixed signals about the disbanding or limitation on power of THIS government function as Tehran continues a harsh crackdown of continuing nationwide protests. Hundreds have been killed and imprisoned.

    A. Ministry of Intelligence 

    B. Revolutionary Guard Corps  

    C. Extra judicial capital punishment committees

    D. Morality police

    Correct Response: D. Morality police


    6. In an effort to limit Russian economic benefits and punish Moscow over the unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, the G-7, EU and Australia agreed to THIS.

    A. Cap oil sales as $60 a barrel

    B. Imposition of tariffs on Russian grain exports  

    C. Ban exports of Russian military equipment

    D. Freeze assets of Russian oligarchs

    Correct Response: A. Cap oil sales as $60 a barrel


    7. Britain’s opposition party, the Labour Party, announced a plan for “the biggest ever transfer of power” away from the central government including abolishing THIS institution.

    A. MI-6

    B. House of Commons  

    C. The Exchequer

    D. House of Lords

    Correct Response: D. House of Lords


    8. Turkey has launched strikes against Kurdish militia forces in THIS country complicated the United States partnership with those forces in the battle against ISIS.

    A. Iraq

    B. Iran  

    C. Syria

    D. Lebanon

    Correct Response: C. Syria


    9. The African National Congress party’s Executive Committee is meeting to discuss its response to charges of corruption against President and party leader Cyril Ramphosa in THIS country.

    A. Mozambique

    B. South Africa  

    C. Rwanda

    D. Ghana

    Correct Response: B. South Africa


    10. The United States team at the World Cup in Qatar was eliminated from the tournament in the round of 16 by THIS team.

    A. Japan

    B. England  

    C. Netherlands

    D. Argentina

    Correct Response: C. Netherlands


  • 05 Dec 2022 11:56 PM | Anonymous

    1. Protests against THIS policy spread to major cities across China with some demonstrators in Shanghai holding up blank pieces of paper, acknowledging the country’s censorship, others calling for President Xi Jinping to step down and iPhone factory workers in Zhengzhou clashing with police. 

    A. One country, two systems

    B. Covid snap lockdown policies  

    C. Strategic ambiguity toward Taiwan

    D. One-child quota

    Correct Response: B. Covid snap lockdown policies


    2. The UN Human Rights Council launched an investigation of THIS country’s crackdown on protests that have resulted in over 300 people killed and 14,000 arrested since the September death of a young woman in police custody.

    A. Myanmar

    B. Cuba  

    C. Iran

    D. North Korea

    Correct Response: C. Iran


    3. The massive Russian missile strikes against Ukrainian infrastructure, causing damage to electricity supplies, also resulted in blackouts in THIS small neighbor to the west. 

    A. Romania

    B. Poland 

    C. Moldova

    D. Crimea

    Correct Response: C. Moldova


    4. The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom ruled that any independence referendum would have to be approved by Parliament, not local legislatures, in response to devolution efforts by THIS union member.

    A. Northern Ireland

    B. Gibraltar  

    C. Scotland

    D. Wales 

    Correct Response: C. Scotland


    5. Miguel Diaz-Canel headed to Algeria, Russia, Turkey and China with his collection plate out to aid THIS country’s beleaguered economy, suffering from over 60 years of dictatorship and effects of American sanctions and the Covid pandemic.

    A. Nicaragua

    B. Venezuela  

    C. Cuba

    D. Guatemala

    Correct Response: C. Cuba


    6. President Tsai Ing-wen resigned as Democratic Progressive Party leader after her party’s loss in local elections in THIS country. She campaigned on the theme of "opposing China and defending” the homeland.

    A. Hong Kong

    B. Mongolia 

    C. Tibet  

    D. Taiwan

    Correct Response: D. Taiwan


    7. The top Brazilian electoral tribunal rejected a challenge by THIS incumbent President and fined his party over $4M for “bad faith” in bringing the case. He continues to consider steps to challenge the election and has strategized with former President Trump’s advisors.

    A. Jair Bolsonaro

    B. Lula da Silva

    C. Nicolas Maduro

    D. Daniel Ortega

    Correct Response: A. Jair Bolsonaro


    8. Anwar Ibrahim is getting to work as Prime Minister in Kuala Lumpur after stalemated national and state elections were resolved by THIS ASEAN country’s King, who chose the 75-year old long-time opposition politician.

    A. Indonesia

    B. Bangladesh

    C. Thailand

    D. Malaysia

    Correct Response: D. Malaysia


    9. The M23 militia group, said to be backed by Rwanda, agreed to a ceasefire in the face of threats of force to expel them from THIS area of the Great Lakes region. 

    A. Eastern Congo

    B. Western Sahara 

    C. Horn of Africa  

    D. Southern Zimbabwe 

    Correct Response: A. Eastern Congo


    10. The heavily favored Argentinian World Cup team was defeated in a historic upset by the “Green Falcons” national team of THIS country. The winners were reportedly gifted Rolls Royce Phantom cars and the Prime Minister declared a national holiday.

    A. Iran

    B. Japan  

    C. Saudi Arabia

    D. Qatar

    Correct Response: C. Saudi Arabia


  • 21 Nov 2022 8:49 AM | Anonymous

    1. President Biden said, "We were very blunt with one another,” in characterizing his meeting with China’s President Xi Jinping on the sidelines of the G-20 summit in THIS city.

    A. Rome, Italy

    B. Beijing, China   

    C. Manchester, UK

    D. Bali, Indonesia

    Correct Response: D. Bali, Indonesia


    2. The CIA Director met with his Russian counterpart in Ankara to convey “a message on the consequences of the use of nuclear weapons by Russia, and the risks of escalation to strategic stability.” The Director of the Central Intelligence Agency is THIS former top level American diplomat. 

    A. Avril Haines

    B. Gina Haspel

    C. William Burns

    D. Pete Buttigieg

    Correct Response: C. William Burns


    3. It took over 30 years of struggle for THIS consideration to be approved by the global community fighting climate change. The COP 27 UN Summit in Egypt incorporated it in their final report but did not address drastic global warming reductions.

    A. A total ban on new construction of coal-fired power plants by the year 2025

    B. A global commitment to conversion of commercial motor vehicle to EV models by 2030

    C. Sanctions by international investment institutions for nations not meeting their Paris Accord carbon reduction goals

    D. Wealthy nations provide for “loss and damage” by climate change to poorer nations

    Correct Response: D. Wealthy nations provide for “loss and damage” by climate change to poorer nations


    4. Swedish investigators concluded the explosions that damaged the Nord Stream pipelines in September were “gross sabotage.” The Nord Stream pipelines carry gas from Vyborg, Russia to Lubmin near Greifswald, Germany across THIS body of water.

    A. Barents Sea 

    B. Black Sea  

    C. Baltic Sea

    D. Gulf of Bothnia

    Correct Response: C. Baltic Sea


    5. Saudi Crosn Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who was said to be responsible by the CIA for the murder of THIS Washington Post journalist, is immune from prosecution according to international law as “sitting head of government.” That was the legal opinion of the U.S. Justice Department, which said it, “reiterates its unequivocal condemnation of the heinous murder.”

    A. Salman Rushdie

    B. Jamal Khashoggi

    C. Khalid Agha

    D. Hussein Abu Ali

    Correct Response: B. Jamal Khashoggi


    6. A court in the Netherlands convicted, in absentia, two Russians and one Ukrainian separatist, and charged Moscow responsible, in THIS 2014 international crime.

    A. Sabotage at the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant in Urkaine

    B. Assassination of the Provincial President of Luhansk in eastern Urkaine

    C. Targeting Ukrainian soldiers fighting against Donbas separatists

    D. Shoot down of a Malaysian Air Lines jet enroute from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur

    Correct Response: D. Shoot down of a Malaysian Air Lines jet enroute from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur


    7. The FIFA World Cup has opened in Qatar, the first Middle East venue for the tournament. The games are being played in THIS capital city and stadiums around the country.

    A. Doha

    B. Manama  

    C. Muscat

    D. Dubai

    Correct Response: A. Doha


    8. A missile struck a village in THIS NATO nation initially causing high anxiety among Western leaders who were concerned it was a Russian attack. Investigators concluded it was a Ukrainian air defense missile that had been fired to defend against Russian missiles.

    A. Latvia

    B. Bulgaria  

    C. Poland

    D. Belarus

    Correct Response: C. Poland


    9. The FBI is reported to be opening an investigation into the shooting death of noted journalist and U.S. citizen Shireen Abu Aqla. The Defense Minister of THIS nation, whose troops fired the fatal shot according to a UN investigation, said his country would not cooperate with the American investigation.

    A. Iraq

    B. Syria  

    C. Lebanon

    D. Israel

    Correct Response: D. Israel


    10. Britain and France revised a deal to slow migrant flows across THIS body of water with the UK paying Paris an additional £8m ($9.5m), a total of £63m a year for surveillance and law enforcement. More than 40,000 migrants have crossed in small boats so far this year according to the BBC.

    A. Irish Sea

    B. Bay of Biscay  

    C. English Channel

    D. North Sea

    Correct Response: C. English Channel

  • 14 Nov 2022 8:22 AM | Anonymous

    1. Ukrainian forces moved into THIS strategic southeast city after Russian fighters retreated across the Dnieper River last week, leaving a potential humanitarian disaster and amid stories of war crimes committed by the occupiers.

    A. Odessa

    B. Kherson

    C. Kharkiv

    D. Kyiv 

    Correct Response: B. Kherson


    2. Prices in THIS industry crashed last week as FTX, one of the largest exchanges, filed for bankruptcy after failing in merger talks with Binance. 

    A. Computer chips

    B. Wheat futures  

    C. Crypto

    D. Hydrogen fuel cells

    Correct Response: C. Crypto


    3. President Biden pledged American leadership in the climate change fight when he visited the United Nations COP27 meeting in THIS country.

    A. Indonesia

    B. Egypt 

    C. Saudi Arabia

    D. Cambodia

    Correct Response: B. Egypt


    4. China eased some of its pandemic measures, resulting in positive response from markets and investors, but the crushing lockdowns of THIS policy backed by President Xi Jinping remain in place.

    A. The Great Lockdown

    B. Wuhan Protocols  

    C. Contact Tracing

    D. Zero-Covid

    Correct Response: D. Zero-Covid


    5. President Vladimir Putin will not attend THIS gathering of world leaders in Bali, Indonesia. Some heads of state had threatened to skip the event if Putin was to appear even though Russia is a member.

    A. G-8

    B. ASEAN  

    C. APEC

    D. G-20

    Correct Response: D. G-20


    6. Six people died and 81 were injured in an explosion in a busy section of Istanbul, in what THIS Turkish President said smelled “like terrorism.”

    A. Tayyip Erdogan

    B. Ali Babacan

    C. Faik Ahmet Barutçu

    D. Deniz Baykal

    Correct Response: A. Tayyip Erdogan


    7. As Qatar makes final preparations for this month’s World Cup of football Sepp Blatter, the former president of THIS sporting federation said selecting the Persian Gulf nation was a mistake, that was influenced by French President Sarkozy.

    A. CONCACAF                                                 

    B. UEFA  

    C. FIFA

    D. CAF 

    Correct Response: C. FIFA


    8. Fresh from a successful Communist Party Congress where he solidified his grip on power with a landmark third term, THIS president of China is set for the first in-person meeting as leader with U.S. President Joe Biden. However, expectations were low for progress on the numerous global challenges they face.

    A. Hu Jintao 

    B. Xi Jinping

    C. Jiang Zemin

    D. Guo Boxiong

    Correct Response: B. Xi Jinping


    9. Rishi Sunak, the new prime minister of THIS country, will represent his nation at the Group of Twenty summit in Bali, where he will meet with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov. 

    A. India

    B. United Kingdom 

    C. Bangladesh

    D. Pakistan 

    Correct Response: B. United Kingdom


    10. China has violated Japan’s sovereignty in the East China Sea and “continues to take actions that heighten regional tension in the South China Sea," according to THIS prime minister of Japan at the East Asian Summit in Cambodia.

    A. Yoshihide Suga

    B. Fumio Kishida

    C. Koji Tomita

    D. Asahi Kentaro

    Correct Response: B. Fumio Kishida

  • 07 Nov 2022 11:28 PM | Anonymous

    1. Russian forces are rallying to reverse strategic setbacks against Ukrainian forces in the eastern region with advances in Donetsk at Bakhmut. The counter attack is led by THIS militia group headed by Yevgeny Prigozhin with a record of fighting for Moscow in Syria, Libya and the Sahel region of Africa.

    A. Moscow Legion 

    B. Red Expeditionary Force

    C. Homeland Victory Militia

    D. Wagner Group

    Correct Response: D. Wagner Group

    2. Famine is again gripping THIS east African nation but the government in Mogadishu has been slow to make an official declaration, unlocking international aid, to avoid giving a strategic advantage to the insurgent Al Shabab group.

    A. Djibouti

    B. Sudan  

    C. Somalia

    D. Kenya

    Correct Response: C. Somalia

    3. Some fans of World Cup participants have been offered free trips to THIS tournament host nation in exchange for endorsements, agreements to withhold criticism and reporting of others who are critical of the hosts humanitarian issues.

    A. Brazil

    B. Indonesia  

    C. Qatar

    D. Spain

    Correct Response: C. Qatar

    4. Israelis voted to return THIS former Prime Minister to power along with what critics fear will be a far-right ruling coalition. 

    A. Netanyahu

    B. Herzog  

    C. Lapid

    D. Ben-Ami

    Correct Response: A. Netanyahu 

    5. World leaders meeting in Egypt for the 2022 Conference of the Parties, known by THIS short title, are taking up the issue of compensation for developing nations harmed by generations of carbon producing industries in wealthy nations.

    A. Paris 16

    B. COP 27  

    C. UNCAC

    D. Climate SOS

    Correct Response: B. COP 27

    6. Imran Khan, former prime minister of THIS country who has been challenging the government to restore his office, was shot in the leg in an assassination attempt while on a campaign parade.

    A. Malaysia

    B. Pakistan  

    C. Bangladesh

    D. Afghanistan

    Correct Response: B. Pakistan

    7. South Korea and the United States extended military drills in the wake of THIS provocative action by North Korea.

    A. Landing special forces by mini-sub to infiltrate a South Korean naval base

    B. Firing over two dozen missiles in simulated attacks on the South and the U.S.  

    C. Seizure of South Korean fishing boats in the Yellow Sea

    D. Test firing a nuclear weapon 

    Correct Response: B. Firing over two dozen missiles in simulated attacks on the South and the U.S.

    8. The election victory of Lula da Silva has yet to be acknowledged by THIS incumbent President of Brazil, but his office said he would follow the transition of power.

    A. Nicolas Maduro

    B. Alberto Fernandez  

    C. Pedro Castillo

    D. Jair Bolsonaro

    Correct Response: D. Jair Bolsonaro

    9. China’s trade lost ground in October, the first downturn for imports and exports since May 2020, as a result of global recession and THIS domestic policy. 

    A. One child policy 

    B. Zero Covid

    C. Repression of Uighurs in Xinjiang

    D. Fears of a Taiwan invasion

    Correct Response: B. Zero Covid

    10. Ukraine President Zelensky charged THIS country with support to Moscow’s invasion by supplying drones, missiles and other weapons, including “kamikaze” drones currently targeting Ukrainian energy infrastructure. 

    A. China

    B. Iran  

    C. North Korea

    D. Pakistan

    Correct Response: B. Iran

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